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Our Price List

Global experience
2020-2021 Price List

Accommodation Placement fee $310 incl. GST
Single room shared bathroom (O18)
Single room shared bathroom (U18)
$330 per week
$350 per week
Twin shared room, shared bathroom (O18)
(only available for 2 students booking at the same time)
$290 per week
Self-catered single room
(No meals provided)
$290 per week
Any extra night $55 per night
Extra option (dietary requirements i.e. vegan, halal, etc.) $75 per option

Special Program VIP:

VIP accommodation placement fee $370 incl. GST
VIP homestay single room (O18)
VIP homestay single room (U18)
(Includes private bathroom, and one of the following options: free Internet or laundry assistance)
$460 per week
$480 per week
VIP self-catered single room
VIP extra night
$300 per week
$75 per night

Other Services:

Caregiving service arrangement fee $200 incl. GST
Caregiving service $65 per week
Airport pick-up service $170 incl. GST
Homestay nomination fee $370 per year

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Placement and initial 4 weeks booking fees are non-refundable.
  2. Holiday holding fee of 50% of the homestay fee applies when students go on holiday and will continue staying with the same host upon their return. Holiday period must be a minimum of 1 week. Global experience must receive the notice at least 2 weeks prior to student’s holiday.
  3. A $110 surcharge applies for arrivals during public holiday such as Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, and Easter Monday.
  4. A $99 service fee applies to the following occasions: homestay transfer to another homestay provider, any kind of refund processes (i.e. unused caregiving service, APU cancellation).
  5. A $50 late booking fees apply for any bookings received less than two weeks.