If another appliance is plugged in the same outlet as the Rice Cooker, unplug it before resetting the breaker. I was unable to get the rice out with a plastic tong and they have gone further under the heating plate. In fact, other considerations are just as important, and lifting the lid to check progress will not ruin the rice by itself. If you’re not tech-savvy, then I wouldn’t recommend fixing it by yourself because you can make matters even worse (speaking from my own experience). I checked the inner lid seal and steam vent and everything looked good and no clog. Clean the lid and around it thoroughly. Conventional. • Has another menu setting other than PORRIDGE been selected when cooking porridge? •If too many appliances are used simultaneously, overload may occur and the breaker will cut off the electricity. The battery has just died; unfortunately, it is soldered in. Let’s start! I just bought the NS-TSC10. The only thing you can do is to wait 5-10 minutes for the message to disappear. T. Hi Tracy, NEWS & INFO. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It sounds silly, but the cooker goes straight to warm if the pan is empty (this happened to me, true story). Do you have a rice cooker? • Using the QUICK COOKING menu setting may result in harder rice. Bubbles hit it and pop rather than juicing out the seam. We just purchased a rice cooker and when we tried to make rice we keep getting the E 17 error! It is more like time setting for when to cook the rice. Cookies help us deliver our Services. • Rice may not have been rinsed sufficiently, allowing too much bran to be left on the rice grain. •The texture of rice varies depending on the room and water temperatures. You should always inspect the power cord because the availability of frays and cuts can lead to power issues. Some long-grain varieties -- basmati is the most common example -- need washing and soaking prior to cooking to yield moist, separate grains rather than coagulated clumps. It used to be able to keep rice warm for 3-4 days, but lately the top layer of rice gets dried in half a day. My Zojirushi ( model NS-ZCC10) used to keep warm and the rice was still soft for few days. Wipe away any remaining debris with a soft, dampened cloth. cleaning and maintenance to stay in peak condition, Zojirushi Rice Cooker will provide tasty, delicious rice every time, Object interfering w/ heating plate or center sensor. If it’s not, I suggest you either take a look at the fuse (if you have the knowledge to do this) or just buy a new one. Sending the machine to a factory repair center is quite expensive, both for the repair and the postage. I opened up the interior and checked the fuse – it’s not burnt out (i.e. I’ve outlined the following recommended cleaning methods below: *Please Note – If grains of rice are found under the heating plate while cleaning, use a bamboo chopstick or plastic knife to remove the debris. Covering the rice is essential, but finish off cooking by removing the lid and letting the rice sit. The clock is displayed in 24 hours (military time). Unlike most rice cookers sold in America, this Zojirushi (literally "Elephant-logo") brand rice cooker is very modern and well-made. The replaceable battery needs to have the same voltage as the original. This is because moisture can destroy the electrical components. I have brought back from Japan a model NL Bb05 last year. Save this pin to Troubleshooting Kitchen Appliances or Japanese Rice Cookers. Hi I have a Zojirushi Modl NP-HCC10. Next, find out the problem. • If the Rice Cooker is positioned on an uneven or tilted surface, the texture of the cooked rice may be too hard or too soft as the amount of water becomes inconsistent. Your hunch might be right. Then you have to let it to rest for 20-30 minutes to cut back on their thickness. Zojirushi 101 Newsletter; Zojirushi 101 Archive; Zojirushi Food & Culture Blog; Zojirushi in the Media; STORE. Because my older rice cooker almost all doesn’t come with the detachable inner lids. You must have thought that rice cookers are easy to operate, but it isn’t always true. I have an 8 year old zojirushi rice cooker. Unplug the machine, hold the power button for a few seconds, and plug it back in. Date of Purchase : 2017-12-24 I tried to set the clock, but the : between hour and minute won’t stop blinking, which means I cann’t get the thing to work. With all forms of rice, fluff the grains with a fork at the end, but never during cooking, or the starches will turn the rice mushy. For this reason, a rice cooker excels at cooking rice because it surrounds the rice with a steady heat. The thermal cutoff usually occurs when the temperature surpasses the maximum temperature threshold, hence the overheating. First things first, you have to keep in mind that your safety comes the earliest. Did you wash the rice before cooking it? The simplicity of cooking is not the only advantage of this kitchen appliance.