It debuted on ABC on October 23, 2011 and concluded on May 18, 2018. What with OUAT’s frequent off-pacing, it seemed like enough events happened in “A Curious Thing” to fill a few episodes, but so many annoying questions this Oz half-season were cleared up. ("A Curious Thing"), After Emma lost the Darkness inside her and Hook died, the curse disappears from the town line, allowing everyone to cross it whenever they want to. With the new curse now enacted, Zelena takes a memory potion to remember the year that will be lost between the curse, then offers Rumplestiltskin a chance to remember his loss of Baelfire. • "Homecoming" • "Leaving Storybrooke", Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: "Down the Rabbit Hole" • "Trust Me" • "Forget Me Not" • "The Serpent" • "Heart of Stone" • "Who's Alice?" He is eventually defeated, for Rumplestiltskin sacrifices his own life to kill him, but the problem of the curse still remains. Emma then learns from Mary Margaret that back in the Enchanted Forest, it was she, not Zelena, that cast the new curse, but Emma questions how that can be when Mary Margaret and David are still alive. ("The New Neverland") Pan ends up crushing Felix's heart in order to enact the curse, whereas the heroes meanwhile make preparations to stop him. Once Upon a Time Photos: Regina's magic woes, the Charming family reunion! Regina attempts to stop her but Zelena throws her back with her power, knocking Regina out. ", Regina and Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) meet in Storybrooke for what they think is the first time, not aware they have met before. We have an entire episode in the first run of episodes where we deal with that, in fact.Horowitz: Meghan is a series regular, and we are very excited to show more of her this year because we loved the character of Red and Ruby last year. Back in Storybrooke, Henry takes matters into his own hands, going to join the battle by himself. "Dark Swan Rises: A Once Upon a Time Fan Celebration". At that moment though, Mary Margaret goes into labor, thus beginning the final battle between them and the Wicked Witch. We spent the whole season thinking that that was the problem. We see that push-and-pull between what he wants to do and how to win her heart as well. What can you tell us about the Charming family reunion?Adam Horowitz: That is a very unique situation to find oneself in, and the circumstances of that reunion and what that means for all of them is the subject matter of the first episode and something we explore as the season begins. First Curse. ("The Final Battle Part 2"), A lock of hair from those with the darkest souls. She was portrayed by Jennifer Morrison. The first season of the ABC television series Once Upon a Time premiered on October 23, 2011 and concluded on May 13, 2012. He's on a mission, and here he has a second chance with the woman he always regretted letting go. We've heard of the introductions of Mulan (Jamie Chung), Sleeping Beauty (Sarah Bolger), Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) and even Jack and the Beanstalk. Along the way, though, there will be some heartwarming, if not at times awkwardly hilarious reunions between the residents of Storybrooke, especially when it comes to the Charming family. ("Pilot"/"The Thing You Love Most"/"The Stranger") Meanwhile, Cora and Captain Hook make their way to a spot far from what the curse has hit so far, and the Sorceress uses her magic to project a barrier to protect the two of them and anyone else on that corner of the realm from being hit, where they remain frozen for the next 28 years. We think it's a really interesting way to approach a family dynamic, to see a family reunited against the backdrop of this curse-breaking and the fact that they are, in age, almost contemporaries; but in terms of the experiences they've had, Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Charming (Josh Dallas) were parents for about five minutes before they sent their kid away. Regina explains that to do that, she would have to destroy the heart of what she loves the most. Snow realizes that Emma Swan is the only one who can do this, and, since Emma's not with them, the only way to defeat Zelena is to enact the dark curse to get back to Emma. Regina is pleased by the outcome, and enjoys her new lavish life as mayor of the small seaside town, taking pleasure in everyone else's misery. Then there's the question of how involved was he with Regina and how responsible is she compared to him? Why'd I have to go and waste a perfectly good heart title on last week's recap when it would have made much more sense for tonight's episode? READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL. It definitely raises a lot of unanswered questions very quickly. At the loft, they search through boxes and just when they are about to give up, Mary Margaret searches a box that Emma has just looked through and finds the book.