Um, there's not any decision that's been made or anything that's been completely ruled out at this point, Um, but we should be That will be part of the work that the board will engage in next week on Monday and Tuesday. If they have any questions, today will be our last weekly media briefing of the current school year. On any given day, our campuses are among the safest places in the county, but there are times when law enforcement is needed. With that, feedback and time to prepare were certain. As we incorporate into the school year. Our commissioners have been very supportive over the years, and I have confidence they would do all they can to continue that support. I've spoken to those making the requests and made it clear that I believe any removed immediate removal be premature. Teoh Remove that name. I believe it is better for our students and staff, if they know, inhabit relationship with the officer who answers the call. We're making it larger. This is obviously not the senior year in of these students in vision, but I hope each and every one of our graduates felt that every effort was made to give them to send off. Over the coming months, we will review options and alternatives that seek to deepen relationships between students and law enforcement, lessen the effects of a school to prison pipeline and support school. Copyright © 2020 WTVD-TV. And so we will be requesting funds when needed and reallocating funds from existing areas as needed in order to meet those costs. It is possible that we may have the shift from one plan to another and perhaps back again during the school year, depending on public health guidance. We've heard loud and clear that there are some students and staff for whom face coverings be are problematic. But it will be a juggling act. Um, but obviously, whatever screening procedures we put in place will have to be done for all students. WAKE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Some Wake County students will begin. And I don't think the screening procedures require that a nurse do them. I think what I say that again is the work of the core team, as they are considering the options that are available. Actually expect our school board members will want to approach this petition with a comprehensive review of those who remain honored in this way, much like our discussions about school resource officers and racial justice. We also intend to place just as much intention attention on the quality of classroom instruction. Uh, and so we are having to look closely at our budgets in a time that we know that revenues air down across the state and locally as well to make sure that we have what we need. So once we see what that is, we can take a look at that and see how we can expand our current level of service, our current level of services, about one nurse for every two schools. Myself and my fellow school board members remain hopeful that the commissioners will find a way to provide at least some additional funding. We should not to try and convince ourselves otherwise. Buses would also be required to reduce capacity by half under a Plan B some students would be learning from home, while others would be on campus. We look forward to those discussions One last note before we ask the media. WRAL WeatherCenter Forecast Wake County Public Schools hold a press conference updating the public on their decision to open classrooms in the coming school year amid the coronavirus pandemic. But personally, I do think that they should be changed. These celebrations required a great deal of planning by school staff as well as a cooperation of students and families in observing social distancing requirements. Any plans to add more school nurses? NC tracking system will know, One more day of clear skies before rain arrives on Thanksgiving morning, NASA/ESA sea-level monitoring mission will also help improve weather forecasts, Banghart prepares to hold UNC women together through COVID threat, 2021 ACC men's basketball tournament moved to Greensboro, Pandemic casts pall over careers of young workers, Technology makes it easier to shop small this holiday season, Desperate times: Durham's Cocoa Cinnamon suffers three break-ins in a month, Editorial: If Trump tells followers to mask-up, they will, and he should, Editorial: COVID-19 Alert System will help communities tailor local responses, Editorial: The election was 'secure.' So are academics. Just Teoh. Every partnership has a potential to be improved, and that is true of the partnerships we have with the local law enforcement agencies that provide school resource officers. We know many of you have questions about how we will operate schools while following state health guidelines, and we are much closer to having some answers for you. We know that there are going to be some additional costs. I think it's my upcoming meetings on and some decision working with staff. Is there any of these options? The school, as many of you know, was named after Josephus Daniels in 18 98. You know, fortunately, we have the cares money from the federal level and perhaps some help from the county in that regard as well. Remote learning cannot replace in classroom instruction. Thank you so much. All Rights Reserved. Any plans in action? Update Your Address. You can see that locally, both in protest marches and the recent decisions by the rather Police Department to revisit his policies on excessive force. The Wake County school system reported 42 new confirmed COVID-19 cases over the past week, including six cases at Broughton High School in Raleigh. With that, I will turn it back over to chair son. Is that gonna be for the people who don't feel they can come back to school? W C P SS, along with a number of other districts across the state of North Carolina, has deferred the beginning of conditioning and workouts to July 6th. Look at that. Um, now that there aren't necessarily enough school nurses for the entire district, but I guess that would be a budget issue. If you previously used a social network to login to, click the “Forgot your password” link to reset your password. Why restorative justice initiatives? The funding piece would be a challenge. I think it was? Details. Hand sanitizer throughout our schools and screenings to ensure those who are sick stay home. There have been there has been some cares, funding identified at the state level that will pass down through the schools. Should Cove in 19 cases increased to the point where stricter guidelines are needed? Daniels was hardly the only by Sir premises of his era, some of whom were later honored in our county, state and nation by having their names place on school buildings. Um, we already have a multi tiered system where Our buses are on the road from 5 30 in the morning until, um 10 10 or 10.