The reported answer will be shortly removed from Zigwheels &, 46% of users have given a rating of 4.5 and above, It is cool bike and its give great mileage and i like to to travel in this bike till the last of life. Actually, all Jupiter comes with a little manufacturing defect that is all the wires of break and other things come from the right side of the handle .So, when you turn handles they get chocked and self-start and other things won"t work. Milage will be decent Then there is honda grazia, another 125cc scooter Which is as always reliable in My driving is about 60 kms per day. Q. Go for reliable trust is on Access 125. nice Scooter, @ Karthikeyan | Jupiter is great on rear suspension , when you consider engine life, mileage ,resale value please go Honda, Jupiter gives 40 max, Jupiter is great on rear suspension , when you consider engine life, mileage ,resale value please go Honda, Jupiter gives 40 max. practical features for long commute like more storage compartments and bigger leg space. Seat is larger, But weight capacity is not that great. TVS uses a 109.7cc engine on the bike, which is air-cooled, 4-stroke, Single-cylinder and OHC. i m planning to buy tvs jupiter but i m confuse in milage of activa and jupiter so plzz guy suggest me about milage....................................... 30 kms (purchased and serviced from kohinoor brs rd bhopal. Because, Traffic condition affects fuel efficiency. If You are unlucky, then anything can give trouble, But if your luck favor, Then AMCO will give maximum 2.5 to 3 yrs while EXIDE will give upto 6 years of self life. Jupiter is All over is the winner of All the Criteria you put it in of it's best milage in real world i got was 50 kmpl, It's suspensions are far more better than any of the same scooter in its class and it's combined with 12" tyres which helps alot like seriously Alot on bad or straight roads making Jupiter's Handling Very Easy and Stress free comparing to what Activa Offers, Maintaining a Jupiter or Activa is some how very same with minor differences still After free services go for a Local but Experienced Mechanic cuz then you can have your Scooter serviced before your very eyes and Value for money is Jupiter according to me ..i reasearched every aspect and took test drives bak to back and lastly Jupiter was my choice over the No1. Tvs ntorq is the best in class (125cc) scooter in the market with COLOR- Not many free color options, But in Classic range, there are quite lovely colors. I though it would be great to share my experience. 100cc scooter then you can opt any one as they are pretty much the same but still go for honda or tvs as they Use kick start, and let it warm for 1 min during the first start of each day. I enjoy riding this scooter as if I m going for a race on mountains. 2. To check your monthly fuel expenses you just have to enter distance in kms you travel in a day and fuel price in your area. So, we would request you to wait for official announcement. Selling Scooter in India. will give you quality and will last long. Mileage - 44 Km/Litre(This is guaranteed, I have atleast 50+ reading average data. No potholes or bad roads can stop you. I will suggest tvs, because vehicle is good and their service is better than honda. I bought a new TVS Jupiter this month but it gives only 33 KM per liter. It has a center weight equalization of engine I have purchased it on 02.10.2015. Note: Sometimes it just stops and won"t start even though everything is fine. Also Know other bikes of TVS Mileage List E.g - Which variant of Jupiter is best to buy? What is the seat height of TVS Jupiter? Q. best ride quality, and loads of features in it and i mean it. Jupiter sucks. Best resale,less maintaince - activaComfortable,reliable ride with best milage -jupiter.. TVS Jupirer or Suzuki Access is the best choice. then access. EXIDE is a much better battery than any battery on earth. 44,200 . Just glides over... N all metal body. for long daily commute but you should prefer burgman because it is marketed as tourer and has some more which can be more relaxing in long commute to work. Thank you! TVS Jupiter price in India - ₹ 65,880 onwards. the milage more than 42. As reported by the Jupiter owners in India, the real mileage of TVS Jupiter 110 is 50 kmpl. If you want mileage then you have to go with Jupiter and you buying for better features and speed then go with ntorq. TVS Jupiter's superior ignition technology continually senses vehicle load and power requirement, adjusts its response to ensure superior ride quality and better in-traffic mileage. My daily drive is about 20km, snd maintenance of Jupiter is very low in my city. The TVS Jupiter has Disc front brakes and Drum rear brakes. They are not that good, but they are ok. Engine: whatever TVS makes is done with their racing experience n their DNA. difference is 1 or 2 km/liter. Please note that this mileage / average / fuel efficiency is based on user experiences, if you have any, please share. Its maximum power is 7.88 Bhp @ 7500 rpm and maximum torque 8 Nm @ 5500 rpm. 1. Good comfort, good head light, suspension, mileage and convenient features. Jupiter zx.Bcs it gives good mileage & performance & engine smoothness is bettter.Even if N torq has full digital meter its price is high & mileage is less & sound is weird,& I don't even think its much stylish. 4) Performance : Better Pickup. The BS6 TVS Jupiter 2020 model comes equipped with Ecothrust Fuel injection (ET-Fi) technology, providing enhanced overall performance across driveability, smoothness, and fuel economy. 50-54 Good mileage as compared to other competitors like Activa, Suzuki. Q. मैं average speed se gadi chata huein 50-55 km उसके उपर नहीं।. Interact with car / bike owners & experts. the burgman is the smaller variant of bigger burgman 650 (not available in indian market). Performance: In terms of performance, the 110cc scooter can accelerate from 0-60 kmph in around 9 seconds. I have gotten a fuel efficiency of 55kmpl from my Access 125 on normal petrol and 60 on higher octane petrol. 3. TVS sucks. I bought TVS Jupiter standard yesterday for my father for daily commutation purpose for about 15-20km per day. I take care of my vehicle in all respects. What is the wheel size of TVS Jupiter? My Jupiter vary good mileage or liter 60 km, 30 only 4 service finish Fake bike in India. What it delivers is improved fuel efficiency, best-in-class mileage and also saves money. I travel 70 km a day. Maybe they can be right but for me, it is giving me exact 62kmpl mileage in mix conditions (1 year/ 3000 km). - There has not been any significant changes recently in TVS Jupiter. The Jupiter will be powered by the same 110cc, 8bhp engine that powers the Wego.... TVS Jupiter launched in India at Rs 44,200. TVS provide two kinds of battery for Jupiter. My suggestion will be Suzuki burgman then ntorq then grazia and Average which I got is : 160 km in 3.07 litre ( With two person weighing 155kg ) Nearly 52 Km/litreAdvantages of buying Jupiter :1) 12inch wheels which provide good comfort for long drive as well as less shaking in potholes.