Let me start by asking an obvious question. Tomatine which is found in the entire tomato plant tends to be concentrated in the stem and leaves. Can bearded dragons eat mushrooms? Everything that I feed him, I check thoroughly. Always remember that the health of your feeder insects affects the health of your dragon. For adult bearded dragon hornworms are okay since they do not need that much protein and fat which may cause obese due to lack of exercise. Hornworms are fine to feed. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons. Typically, a bearded dragon’s diet should contain the smallest portion of fruits, and by that, I mean it should be around 10% only. If you want them I could send them to you. Mango (Mangifera indica) is a delicious drupe that grows mainly in tropical climate and is often used as dessert by many people or chewed while unripe.... Hi, I am a reptiles enthusiast. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'uniquepetswiki_com-box-4','ezslot_2',113,'0','0'])); As long as the beardie loves the food, it will consume as much as it can when allowed to eat. However, that said one or two hornworm does no harm. Although tomatoes will provide your beardie with vitamin A and lycopene, they should be given as part of the diet. They are great feeders and are full of good protein for the bearded dragon. These pests can easily devour a whole garden within no time. Are Hornworms a staple for bearded dragons? Tomatoes that are deep red have more lycopene. Tomato worms feed on tomato plants which are rich in solanine alkaloids. There is a good FAQ available at Great Lakes Hornworm. I don't want to release them into the wild, and I only have a butterfly net that's pretty small which I used to raise black swallowtails once for fun. Too much of tomatoes can be toxic to bearded dragons because of their acidity and can cause stomach upset. Do not feed your beardie on wild tomato worms because they are as much toxic as tomato leaves or stems. Meaning that they cannot serve as a protein source for your pet. for those interested in raising their own bearded dragon live feeders. First, nutritionally, tomato hornworms & tobacco hornworms are almost identical. Thanks for the help! CHEERS. Tomato worms are available on amazon and will provide your reptile with a good source of calcium and fat. During this time, you should feed the bearded dragon as much as it will eat. For adult bearded dragons you can feed hornworms about once a day. Yes they can and are fine for them to eat. There are two types of hornworms namely tomato and tobacco hornworm and both have a horn-like structure at their last abdominal segment which gives them their name. Have you heard any animal that was killed or harmed by tomatoes? They emerge from thier pupae during the summer months and take around two weeks to complete this process. Do not feed your beardie on wild tomato worms because they are as much toxic as tomato leaves or stems. The highest percentage of beardie food in the wild is made of animals. Through cooking, tomatoes lose their nutritional value as most of the nutrients are lost. There are times when all your beardie’s food gets depleted, and you don’t have the money to buy the food straight away. In a day you should feed about 3-5 hornworms. They are fairly easy to care for using pre-made chow and ladder cups. So, Can African grey parrots eat... Let’s face it, the barking of a dog can get out of hand. The bottom line of tomatoes is how they contain tremendous nutrients necessary for different functions in the body. And wild tomato hornworms feed on the leaves, not the tomatoes.