Sweet daughter Sapphire and her friends the Terrifics are not about to let that happen. I will try volume 2 since I've already bought it but I'm unsure! Annoyingly disposable. SlamAdams 3.7, didn’t really like the way metamorpho looks same with element girl but something that shined was plastic man, who was so funny and awesome,makes me want to buy the upcoming plastic man book. Terrific is summoned to his old lab where the new owner (who always obtains things within the law) has opened a door into the Dark Multiverse. I'm not a huge fan of Mr T, either, but we're stuck with him – and the shtick of this book is going to be that all four of them are stuck with each other, until they leave Mr T alone enough to sit and ponder things enough so he can unsplit them, mend their awkward ways and make them average people again. Within the Dark Multiverse, they find an inanimate alien girl, Phantom Girl, trapped there. First appearance And if it isn't? At first glance, these four heroes have nothing in common. Les informations recueillies sur ce formulaire sont enregistrées par Dargaud pour vous informez de nos sorties. Add a photo to this gallery. Il en va de même pour Mr. Esordisce direttamente sulla serie regolare omonima il cui primo albo viene distribuito dal 28 febbraio 2018[1]. Terrific brought Plastic-Man due to his immunity to the Dark Multiverse, the two of them attempted to force Stagg into closing the portal only for all three heroes to be pulled into the portal. If you love the fantasy genre, this is the season for you! Yes, that is one of the worst hooks for a super-hero team book, ever. The Terrifics #1(April, 2018). And the book ends with a nice cliffhanger to lure you into the next volume! As a Plastic Man fan, I happy to see him appearing in comics again after the long New 52 era in which Plastic Man was sidelined. Terrific), strong "monster" (Metamorpho), stretching hero (Plastic Man), and girl with "invisibility" powers (Phantom Girl). I am a fan of Jeff Lemire, but apart from the very beginning of his Animal Man run, I have not been impressed by his work for DC or Marvel. The team was first formed when Mister Terrific discovered Simon Stagg's plan to open a portal into the Dark Multiverse by forcing Metamorpho to transmute into Nth Metal. I love Plastic Man and Metamorpho, so that's why I picked this up. I love the Champions both old and new and generally any left turn a super hero story wants to make I'm all in favor of and that's what lead me to The Terrifics but after one volume I'm getting off the train. Some of the biggest books out this fall promise to be epics full of magic, adventure,... To see what your friends thought of this book, The Terrifics, Vol. Their uniforms (here barely explained) are even reminiscent of the late-era FF Future Foundation suits. , the gags are REALLY lame ("What the francium was that?!" October 16th 2018 I publisher Dan DiDio e Jim Lee sperano così di rinvigorire le storie (e i lettori) dell'universo narrativo di Batman e Superman[2]. Quest'ultimo è però riuscito ad aprire un portale, anche se instabile, utilizzando come conduttore il corpo dell'essere elementale noto come Metamorpho, manipolabile in quanto innamorato della figlia Sapphire Stagg[3]. I think that Lemire is always at his best alone, not attach to a universe, Dc in that case, or with collaborator. The line was considered a commercial failure. This page contains information about The Terrifics (Volume 1) . And maybe that's the point, and I missed it, with the Metamorpho dog, and the blink-and-you-missed-it glimpse of Phantom Girl's home planet. It's incredible though, how all his inspiration, creativity and sensibility disappear whenever he is tasked with a mainstream/Big Two book: I gave up his X-Men book because it was absolutely bleak, his Justice League stuff was terrible, as well as the Teen Titans GNs. The team, as a whole, is a pastiche of Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four. L'obbiettivo è quello di portare novità ed interesse verso l'universo DC, popolato da supereroi classici ed iconici quali Superman, Batman e Wonder Woman[2]. After the four of them returned to their world, Mister Terrific attempted to leave them behind at Stagg's compound while venturing the multiverse on his own. Ivan Reis The Terrifics The Terrifics Appearances • Images • Gallery. The story itself is a bit breezy and light, so there isn't anything that is a must-read here. Expected more from Jeff Lemire. One of the rare comic from Lemire that I didn't really enjoy. I can't tell if it's really clever or just really uninspired. I hated Mr Elastoplastic or whatever the heck he is, from way back when, and I really didn't want so much o. The Terrifics are a group of superheroes and adventurers who visit the Dark Multiverse. Back to Comics Contents : Comics T : The Terrifics Vol 1. The Terrifics Volume 1: Meet The Terrifics, https://it.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Terrifics&oldid=111558785, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo. The Terrifics are the fantastic four of DC now. The line was considered a commercial failure. Together with Plastic Man and Metamorpho, he tries to close it, only for the three of them to fall into it. Dread showed up I just threw up my hands and gave up. 1. Il termine Terrifics fa riferimento a Mr.Terrific, mente e spirito del team anche se i quattro componenti stentano a sentirsene parte in quanto costretti da un incidente[3]. Terrific along with a rebooted Phantom Girl and through some science hot nonsense makes it so they can't be more than a mile apart from each other or they will explode and you have an instant team comic. As DC launches their "new age of heroes," they've combined Mr. Even with the powers jumbled around a bit, they're all there: super-smart scientist (Mr. Il nome del gruppo viene ideato da Plastic Man dopo aver proposto The Plastics, scartata da subito[3]. The Terrifics is a super-group of Mister Terrific, Phantom Girl, Plastic Man and Metamorpho, blatantly modelled on the Fantastic Four, and … by DC Comics. Before then they're going to have the average side of things to a, er, well to a T. This isn't horrendous, but it's pretty vacuous stuff, with Mr Elementodog, or whatever the heck it was, and a hark back to someone we really didn't want or need resurrected. I like these four characters -- Mr. Terrific is summoned to his old lab where the new owner (who always obtains things within the law) has opened a door into the Dark Multiverse. Da quando si trova qui rimane intangibile, capacità tipica del suo popolo, non riuscendo però ad effettuare il processo inverso[3]. However, I've had my eye on The Terrifics for a while since it seemed to be an homage to the Fantastic Four. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. The premise is solid, take three of the odder heroes off DC's deep bench, Plastic Man, Metamorpho, and Mr. The Terrifics (2019-2018) 30 issues. In the case of The Terrifics! Dread showed up I just threw up my hands and gave up. Even when given emotional scenes, the characters are poorly developed, and the plot is nonsensical, apparently revolving around characters imported into the DC Universe that we're expected to care about, for no apparent reason.