Tim’s strategy is not scaleable meaning that you can’t use his strategy if you have hundreds of millions of dollars. This means you can’t be a part of this challenge if you have a job during trading hours or so. His fees are high but typical for the business. Furthermore, his education has a lot of potential. If you are just starting out, I personally would recommend watching the DVDs before going through the video lessons. I am still not sure if you are for Tim Sykes or against. But the main reason why I wouldn’t consider it a ‘must watch’ is because Tim offers a free PennyStocking 101 guide with very similar content. Often specific or even all DVDs are set down to a very good discount price. Instead focus on education and learning as much as possible. And then well you know just predict the tip of the mountain and reap the benefits of the people who fell for it. please advise if those video lessons are essential in the beginning. Lot’s of repetitive info but that in itself can be helpful if only by osmosis :). These DVDs provide educational content about Tim’s strategies, trading and more. Because there are no details… It’s just an expression I used. I really hope that you will stay at it and achieve these goals! I have also only heard good things about Trading Tickers. Hi Gary, https://www.sykes.com/ SYKES is a global business process outsourcing (BPO) leader in providing comprehensive inbound customer engagement services to Global 2000 companies, primarily in the communications, financial services, healthcare, technology, transportation and retail industries. Just note that what you will learn from Tim’s education might differ from the knowledge you need to get a broker’s license. There are many debates questioning his legitimacy. The video lessons usually are recaps of Tim’s most recent trades and thoughts on the current market. 3.8k Reviews. Also if your'e hired directly through Alpine they require you to pay for your background check and the pay is now $9.00 not $9.50 with Sykes. That doesn’t mean that Tim’s teaching doesn’t work, it just isn’t my preferred trading style. It sounded very appealing, but I would definitely like to know how it really compares. His strategy does work and he is probably the most successful trading teacher in the world. - Policies are a rollercoaster and change all the time like almost on a weekly basis, lack of promotion lack of raises bonuses or commissions ineffective HR staff too many equipment issues. No one says Until now for no reason. You will have access to all his DVDs, hundreds of hours of video lessons, countless live and recorded webinars and more. i HAVE ENJOYED A LOT STUDYING ALL KINDS OF ASSETS FOR A LONG TIME ( last 4 years) (FOREX, BINARY OPTION, INDEX, ETC) BUT I HAVE TO BE HONEST WITH YOU, beside that I AM LOOKING FOR A STABLE AND RISING EXTRA INCOMING EVERY MONTHS. Now to your question about how long it takes to become a consistently profitable trader. i just go through your site while surfing on trading, it is wonderful. I am only familiar with the products sold through Tim Sykes’ official sites. Pick a niche part of the market and study that hard to become an expert. Trading Tickers currently is the most expensive DVD at just under $1’800. Hello Stu, Therefore, it can be very hard to get in at the same price as Tim. I know this doesn’t directly answer your question, but I hope it helps anyway. Thank you so much and appreciate your response! One thing that didn’t go with the program at the time was the price. Thank you for such an excellent and detailed review. Has it been taken down? But this does not mean that they are easy to achieve. Many of the other DVDs aren’t necessarily ‘must-watch’ DVDs but all of them can improve you as a trader and help you understand Tim’s strategy even more. Thank you for sharing! Is Timothy Sykes for you: Even though his strategy can be very profitable, it isn’t for everyone. In you summary you state, “My experience with Timothy Sykes has been relatively good until now.” Why the “…until now? The challenge of working here would be, making sure you are in a comfortable and quiet setting. I have never really heard about this program from Tim or anyone related. Tim’s main subscriptions are his Tim’s Alerts plan and his Pennystocking Silver plan. I personally find his teaching style good. Alternatively, you could sign up to Pennystocking silver which is a much cheaper plan that gives you access to his video lesson library, chat room and more. Thanks for the swift response. Furthermore, the price has changed over the past few years as demand has risen. Also, with the million challenge program, if I understood well, it provides privileged access to the chat room that only few members have access where you see members buying stocks so you could also act at the same time. I’m currently an affiliate marketer but I heard about making money online for the first time through Tim Sykes. And learn how to do it. Generally, the markets change and Tim emphasizes this a lot in his video lessons. There are several videos on YouTube of Tim Sykes. Perfect job to work. Some of the links within this Tim Sykes review are affiliate links of which I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items. Every other profession requires a lot of work, studying and often even a lot of money. Wow! It outlines Tim’s seven-step trading framework which is relevant and useful for his trading strategy. I hope this helps. I have 12 of the courses listed and reviewed above. In the video lessons, he discusses what strategies are working, which ones aren’t, how to adjust your trading style, live trade examples and much more. Nevertheless, some are better than others. Yeah, I can see why certain people have a level of distrust for Tim – posting (or even boasting) about fast cars and mansions etc doesn’t really go down that well with the average Joe. I love Tim Sykes method of teaching by DVDs and videos also, it will be very easy to understand.. His pricing is a bit much for a starter like me though, who is struggling finacially. Is that true? & teach people & help people with there financial goals in life. If you have tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, I would not recommend Tim’s strategy. Are you trading penny stocks now? But in my opinion, the average member won’t be near as that successful that fast. I've worked in customer service for 10 years (unfortunately) and this was by far my worst experience. But then all a sudden Tim says this stocks going to explode and it sometimes does explode because people bought into it from his watchlist. How does Pennystocking Silver compare to other offerings outside of Tim Sykes offers?What are things you must have when comparing learn how to trade courses?How much time does it really take to learn all of this? It can be very hard to follow these alerts as these penny stocks usually are very volatile and move very fast. A great plan to do this is Pennystocking Silver. It has a lot of useful information, I have a question regarding the millionaire challenge is it a limited time like only a 1 year access to the chatrooms and the mentors ? Tim has earned many millions of dollars both from trading and from teaching. Hi Louis, thanks for this useful review, To be honest, it looks very sketchy. I am just out of the hospital again, only this time St. Even though the Pennystocking Membership costs more, I definitely recommend it over the other one due to the reasons mentioned above. This book was written by Jamil Ben Alluch which is one of Tim’s students/software developers. At least the option is there to pay monthly. then my question is: WHICH WOULD BE YOUR BEST ADVICE FOR ME : If he wouldn’t love what he is doing, he wouldn’t be doing it. I am disabled and have all the time inn the world but unfortunately, i can’t afford the programs. One of the cheapest DVDs is PennyStocking at $397. Nothing else. But for someone just starting out or someone in college, that’s quite steep. I loved it very much. I am very sorry to hear that. He openly admits that he earns more from teaching than from trading. - If you do something wrong even right out of training management WILL yell at you Good to know this is not a scam. A short seller, however, could probably learn more from ShortStocking. Pricing for the challenge isn’t displayed openly as you have to fulfill other criteria first. Have you had any feeback on this Program ?? There are tons of “get rich trading” scams out there.