If you are feeling weak in the wait and are growing weary of your internal struggle with doubt, here are 5 empowering Bible stories that will help you stay in expectation of a move of God. This thought came to me as I was answering the above-mentioned e-mail. fear, faith, scriptures, Bible verses, Gospel, Tamar Braxton finds her way back to faith after suicide attempt, says ‘The wages of sin is death’, They were wrong: Priscilla Shirer says doctors didn't expect mom Lois Evans to see 70th birthday, Kanye West shares compelling testimony at Lakewood, says 'I'm here in service to God', Chick-fil-A stops charitable support to Christian charities against gay marriage, Look at God: Linebacker Demario Davis won’t have to pay hefty fine for ‘Man of God’ headband, They're all Heathens: Trump casts democrats as anti-religious in appeal to conservative Christians, A Christian's basic guide to Ash Wednesday and Lenten Season, Watch: Anthony Bryant, former corrupt cop who served 10 years, shares his journey to faith in Christ, Christian New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker first announced 2020 bid at his home church, Wondering how to mature in faith? It’s not quite as hard as it used to be because of what God has taught me. Let Empowering Everyday Women's faith community, Struggling to wait on God? God will extend His mercy to you and change things for the better also. We are supposed to wait some more. We can be fooled by the devil, and we can even be fooled by our own selves. It seems like she was always waiting on God. This Bible story reminds you to be tenacious like her. Looks can be very deceiving, so we must be ever vigilant, always on guard because the devil will do anything in his power to destroy us. Larry is a 56 year old beginning writer of spiritually based or themed short stories and articles. Remarkably, Daniel 10:1-12 reveals that the Lord heard Daniel’s prayer and sent an answer the same day, but the forces of darkness fought against God’s angelic messengers. She was concerned about how hard it is to wait on God. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'spiritual_short_stories_com-box-3','ezslot_2',103,'0','0']));Has God ever spoke to you “through” another person? He is teaching us, growing us, loving us, and allowing us to know more about Him during the wait. When she touched the hem of the Savior’s garment, instantaneously, she was healed. © 2020 Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Waiting for direction. And just like that, the dead man rose, still wrapped in his grave clothes. Can you imagine? Satan delayed the answer, but he couldn’t deny it. Keep meditating on the awesome miracles you see in these Bible stories and add a few of your own to the list. And there you have it! Sometimes we know that whatever it is that we are praying for is all right with God, but the timing is not right. Daniel's Delayed Answer. © Copyright 2016 Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, Article By Alena Dupré // Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, Waiting on God can be difficult-- especially if the promise He put in your spirit is not fulfilled when you, In Genesis 18:1-15, we read the story of how God promised to grant, In Daniel 9:1-19, we see Daniel pray fervently for the Lord to spare Jerusalem His. In Genesis 18:1-15, God promised to give Abraham and Sarah a child, but Sarah couldn't believe it. This tenacious woman exercised her faith and pressed her way through the crowd to get to Jesus. Almost always, this is a recipe for disaster. And as many times over the years the waiting had been rewarded, she should have been at peace with it by … Waiting for healing and restoration. There is another problem that we sometimes encounter during our wait for God. I usually use events from my own life to help in ministering to other people. Be prepared. Though he may hold it up for a little while, he can’t stop you from receiving your God-ordained answer. So much time had passed, there appeared to be no hope of change. The thought of her bringing life into the world seemed ridiculous. This story reminds you that it’s never too late for God, and His promises don’t expire. If you wait, believe and keep on pressing, God will reveal His power. I just wanted to help Him out a little; I’m sure you know what I mean. This is the area in which I have probably made the most mistakes.