How do I speed up the ping for my internet? Green Bay, WI – We lost our Spectrum internet/cable/landline services starting on 4/11/18 and it returned early on 4/12/18. It also has serious security concerns as you don’t know what practices people could be performing on your connection.

The information conveyed hereafter is associated to live troubleshooting effort and as the discovery process evolves through to service resolution, ticket closure, or post incident review, details may evolve.”. Cannot access email, stock websites or anything else. But I despise people whole push services and products by misrepresenting them and being dishonest about the capabilities. 0.6% 994 130.2 130.2 130.1 142.2 1.4 it is now July 29th. no internet to any of my North Carolina Data Centers.

Im in the UK and experiencing Level3 Internet issues as well. Why is CenturyLink doing this? We are in Eugene OR, using ComCast. This is the worst Internet slowdown I’ve seen in the past five years.

Issues with Sucuri WP Security Plugin in Europe.

Nov.26. Galveston, Texas. Many websites I use are down, including The fastest possible speed that you can get from your plan can be achieved by connecting an item (e.g., a computer) directly to the modem (not the router) via an Ethernet cable. 15.|– ae-73-73.ebr3.Frankfurt1. It’s weird how our internet went out but not theirs. 9.|– 97.6% 1000 25.2 25.2 25.2 25.4 0.0 Whenever there is a larger internet problem, you can bet that these “experts” are involved. Quickly program your remote, setup email, connect dsl/internet gateways and modems, connect to WiFi, setup parental controls, and solve U-verse TV error messages. Level 3 or CenturyLink have now said that the November 6, 2017 outage was due to a ‘configuration’ issue on Twitter. The information conveyed hereafter is associated to live troubleshooting effort and as the discovery process evolves through to service resolution, ticket closure, or post incident review, details may evolve. Ours is still out with TDS and they claim it is a cable cut, but that is not true. The first thing you need to do is check with your ISP if they can update or check this site which collects Internet Traffic report from various sources to build a … but in reality, both parties wanted this too so blame Obama as much as Trump. sprint, forget it nothing is connecting.

An internet worm is a malicious software program that spreads from device to device through computer networks. 2 ( 1.628 ms 1.182 ms 1.228 ms I can help your business make a switch Gonna get expensive. I think all of the telcos leveling up has resulted in less stability and higher costs. 5. Work & home internet was out (Comcast). I don’t work for Level3 and I don’t particularly have any love for them. Kansas City – our area seems to be fixed – no word from Level 3 but outbound calls are now working. Disconnect other devices from the network. Walkerton, IN 46574 (near south bend). They charge ridiculous rates offering fast service- and on rare occasion, it is fast. No internet for my PC in. It could be that your ISP is throttling your network connection because it's overloaded.

Your telecom provider is responsible for anything from the back of the master socket to the pole and it is there equipment so it is not recommended you mess with it.

So, it looks like the whole internet went on the blink on June 12, as it was to do with a level3 outage causing problems in Germany, UK, and many parts of NA.

Alot of our branches throughout the United States cannot receive calls. Paying my bills (find out what my payment is) – everyone is down.

when I first noticed this.

Last Updated: September 3, 2020 My 100Mgbp service is now running at 5 to 15 Mgbp.

aol mail is down from both the desktop software and internet email site. Unfortunately there are so many different routers we cannot cover them all but in most cases you can follow similar steps to the steps below. Coram, Ny with Optimum from Cablevision is working.

(Generally this is between 4pm and 11pm), Although this is not updated daily it does give you an idea as to what the problem could be.

This article was written 2+ years ago and the only way I know that is to scroll through all the comments. I think they all were hacked and don’t want to admit it. I can receive calls. I wouldn’t have been especially angry I understand that things break after all they’re just machines.

Not working at all in Washington State. Placing Internet-connected items in Airplane Mode will also fix this problem. For the whole internet. It’s there but barely it’s affecting ting all entertainment and shopping as well as all credit card machines in my area making commerce very tough.

They did this on both “Days of Action”, both times the vote for net neutrality came up, they said it was this event here, and too many people on the network, which was found later to be complete BS, and in fact FCC helped the ISP’s bring the entire network down, while they then spammed the websites, Facebook pages,m etc with BOT posts supporting Net’s repeal. 7.