1. Dow products help address bottlenecking in antibody and viral testing process. MAXOLINE Soluble Cutting Oil Extra is a sophisticated metal working fluid based on high quality solvent refined base oils and a suitable additive package. To be applied/used for a wide range of applications: As a lubricating product, as a release agent, as an anti-foam agent, as mechanical fluid, in electronic equipment, etc. silicone oil specification Wholesalers Directory - find Popular Products from silicone oil specification online Wholesalers from China. We request that you confirm your website account is valid and verify your email address. No sales specification could be found for this material in selected language. This product is generally available for sale in the following regions:{{bOptions.regionAvailability}}. Copyright © Dow (1995-2020). {{price.fromQuantity}} - {{price.toQuantity}}. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Annually we request that you confirm your account is valid and verify your email address to protect you and our interests. Synthetic Lightweight Oil ISO 68. Please Contact Dow for distribution options available for this product. 0W����w�����x�w�Ϝsg"�Dj� '����� qD)C �-dq�� �B%�RI�v�Jf�0Ղ@G.�RYµ�rG��hJՌ��� ������0��D��H�4њH��C��Po�T0�F��#�� 0tQ�Z�PFpb�g!š��@M�=頓1��6�EXM>|���8�wg�0���F�P���,�|̯�y�c�U���BE;��P��1��B�tV���"��;EޠgB��SBV�BV��CV�CV�BC��C���B�ኂq��l�M�~t�jG��1�:��>i�_��I�hyg�s߷3 ����u�͋x����h�����Nj27�E���{C�{ʣ��,Y;+�f�����/��4��Ϯ���! Items in your cart might be affected by address change. '�R��P���E�q|� hx�^\d���,4W ,J����v|��d�I&���8�O�� �Q7O&k�*�)6Ogy6�~l엃��6��.��l�N����|�HW��t�ț�|����������u� ��%ޒ�90�(X����纔[p��K�2{إ��l. Please Contact Dow for additional information. The lubricants specialist from the Netherlands. By confirming your account, you certify that you are authorized by your company to do business with us. AAMI Level 2 lightweight and disposable, non-surgical gowns made with polyethylene resins now available for purchase. We have found an existing account with credentials. A standard sample SKU is not available for this product. Are you sure? Oil. Search starting formulations for household, industrial and institutional cleaning. Disposable Isolation Gowns These rules apply to all purchases and will be enforced. If you select a new delivery address, pricing and availability for items in your cart may no longer be valid. Remember, you can manage cookies in your browser’s settings. Error occurred during login. For more information about our use of cookies, please view our Privacy Policy. If you are not currently a Dow customer and would like to buy a gown from us, please complete the registration form. * Always check requirements in manual of equipment builder! h��Yko�H�+�UE=�TEJ $�Mv[ ��7� We will provide options for your consideration. Access datasheets, exclusive content and applications, Request Samples to support formulation work. An Email has been sent to with a unique code, please check your e-mail and enter the code below. 10 0 obj <> endobj Phenylmethyl polysiloxane polymer that is available in a viscosity range of 50 to 30,000 cs. Multi-Use Synthetic Oil with Syncolon® (PTFE) ISO 100. Please try again later. Register for the live event & real-time chat 79 0 obj <>stream It is essntially a non-toxic product. Please Contact Dow for additional information. The additive package is absolutely lead free. MAXOLINE Unitrac STOU 15W30 is multifunctional lubricating oil for agricultural and earthmoving equipment, formulated with top-grade solvent refined base oils and additive package. Synthetic Extra Lightweight Oil ISO 46. Effective cleaning You must accept before you can continue. Transportation innovation for a world on the move, Pioneering a new age of beauty? Materials Required for COVID-19 Testing After a certain time and in certain conditions it can be necessary to add an extra bactericide to the system. The ratio to be used is in practise 1 part oil to 9 parts water. All Rights Reserved. Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) Systems, Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), Building, Construction and Infrastructure, Architectural Panel Bonding and Rainscreen, Building Materials & Formulation Components, Parking Structures, Stadiums and Horizontal Sealing, Appliances, Home Electronics and Power Tools, Assembly, Double-sided and Transfer Tapes, Home Care, Industrial and Institutional Cleaning, Acid Gas Removal for Natural Gas Operations, Natural Gas Dehydration Products and Services, Intermediates and Components for Paper Chemicals, Emulsions, Fluids, Blends and Dispersions, Gels, Encapsulants and Conformal Coatings, Lubricants, Heat Transfer and Deicing Fluids, {{ajax.content.bundlePriceData.priceTable.displayFlatPrice}}.