Saturnine. Sons of the Selenar. From: $ 16.99. Primarchs View All. Scions of the Emperor: An Anthology… $ 17.99. John only rendezvoused with Erda in his second trip. From: $ 16.99. The First Wall: Book 3. From: $ 16.99. Not his first attempt at doing so either; John Grammaticus' first trip to Terra ended up being six months too late, the siege already over. The Siege of Terra Book Series (4 Books) All Formats Kindle Edition From Book 1. 1 The Solar War (1) (Horus Heresy: Siege of Terra) by John French (November 24, 2020) $9.99. (This in the only known instance of time-travel having huge effect on the lore. Siege of Terra View All. From: $ 16.99. Lion El'Jonson: Lord of the First. The Solar War: Book 1. From: $ 11.99. Nick: Fury of Magnus takes place during the Siege of Terra itself and is principally concerned with the machinations of the primarch of the Thousand Sons, Magnus the Red. The events sit between Siege of Terra book four, Saturnine and book five, [REDACTED]. Latest Book in the Series. The Siege of Terra was the penultimate battle of the Horus Heresy.Waged on Terra, the homeworld of humanity, the massive engagement between the forces of the Imperium of Man and the forces of Chaos decided not only the fate of Horus Heresy but also that of humanity. 3 Used from $9.98. The Lost and the Damned. While the book never explicitly shows what he saw or whom had won, John states that it was bad. Saturnine (4) (The Horus Heresy Siege of Terra) Go to book. “On the thirteenth of Secundus, 30,014, the bombardment began.” So began William King’s account of the Siege of Terra, written for White Dwarf in 1993. Siege (The Warrior Chronicles Book 5) - Kindle edition by Breene, K.F.. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Siege (The Warrior Chronicles Book 5). Mercy of the Dragon $ 3.99. The Will of the Legion $ 3.99. From: $ 16.99. Paperback In Stock More Buying Choices - Paperback 6 New from $9.99.