This can be easily feasible in a bakery, but at home it can be very complicated. Mix with the help of a spoon, we will get a thick paste. We can also find another variant in the United States called “aragosta” or lobster tail, made in the same way as sfogliatella riccia, but with a much sweeter filling that is usually: cream, whipped cream, chocolate…. Laura Morelli is an art historian and historical novelist with a passion for Italy. Where did sfogliatellacome from? If you want to be entertained this weekend, I've already left you some homework! In a bowl add the flour together with water, salt and honey. Bearing in mind that we are going to work at home with our hands (in spite of being able to do the first part in kneading machine if you wish) this point would be more laborious and complex. Origin. Once we have a compact and homogeneous dough, shape a disc (instead of the boule that you can see in the video). The recipe shown is for the easier, but not less tasty, sfogliatella frolla (shortbread puffs). Just thought someone should finally say thank you for this divine recipe. •   Sfogliatella aragosta (lobster tail) resembles the curled tail of a crustacean and often incorporates a very sweet whipped cream. The choice between the two is difficult, but in our section we will explain step by step the preparation of both desserts. The first is the one that we will make, thin layers of dough that overlap with each other and we manage to keep them separated thanks to the lard. The nuns made the pastry with semolina flour, milk, dried fruit, and a little white wine, but the secret ingredient of the famous sfogliatella Santa Rosa turned out to be a lemon liqueur that the nuns were making on site. In the convent’s kitchen, a preparation was made that consisted of wheat semolina with limoncello, sugar and nuts. In a medium saucepan pour the water together with the salt and place it in a medium heat. We will use this dough to see how to make... Those who follow me on the social nets know that lately I do not stop making puff pastry, besides all the things that I leave them here. For the dough and the cooking method please see the basic pizza making instructions here For 1 round pizza Ingredients: 1 ball of pizza dough follow recipe here:  how to make a great pizza at home 2 medium fresh Porcini or a small package of frozen Porcini 1 medium mozzarella Few basilic leaves 2 tbs Extra virgin olive oil half garlic clove chopped 1 teaspoon of finely cut parsley White Truffle oil (optional) Instructions: Preheat your oven 230-250C°. “Making sfogliatella is very laborious,” Carraturo tells me. The content and pictures of this post are copyright registered & protected ©myitaliancuisine Wooow this was quite a surprise! If we have machinery to help us, we can prepare a large quantity of dough for a large caliber final roll. This traditional dessert may be served plain or sweetened with cream, ricotta, or even Nutella. Once we have stretched to the thinnest thickness, roll the dough. Place the flour in a mixing bowl and rub in the butter. This elaboration was very well received by the near inhabitants of the convent. The riccia's tender exterior (made with flour, water, and lard) consists of concentric squashed rings. “Sfogliatelle Santa Rosa,” Ulderico Carraturo tries to convince me, “is a poorer version” than the one that originated in Naples itself. Each time we unroll the dough, we must spread it with lard before we proceed to stretch it again and roll it up. •   Sfogliatella riccia (curly) forms many layers that curl up as the pastry cooks. He arranged the original stuffing in a very fine, curly dough, which was given the famous triangular shape of “lobster tail” that characterizes today’s sfogliatella. :) Quite timely, but easy, works like a charm and heavenly delicious! Mainly not because of the inability to roll the dough through the pasta machine, but because of the thin thickness required to obtain good results. Other types of sfogliatella. You can find infinite varieties made with almond, orange, and other flavors blended into the ricotta or pastry cream. Both preparations are filled with a mixture of semolina and candied fruits. Mix until a homogeneous paste is obtained without lumps. This week we start with the shortbread pastry: soft sweetness of short … Sure! At the same time that we want to respect tradition, though, we also want to personalize our recipe so that we can offer something unique for our customers to enjoy.”. These include: • Baba au rhum: What’s not to love about a yeast cake soaked in rum syrup? Handle it carefully throughout the entire process. Not forgetting the large number of layers needed to obtain an attractive appearance. “My family based their entire future on sfogliatella,” Ulderico Carraturo tells me. Before serving we can sprinkle with icing sugar if desired. On the other hand, sfogliatella frolla is made with a much less laborious dough (it can remind us of a pâte sablée) and is shaped in a similar way to a pie. It is an elaboration that was the result of chance, like many other creations that today are authentic works of art. An opposing but more popularly accepted version is that the nuns of Santa Rosa convent in Conca dei Marini, on the Amalfi Coast, were adding lemon liqueur to their pastry cream when making a particular type of pastry around 1700. Please try it and let me know ; )  Makes 6-8 small cakes Ingredients : 150gr AP flour (organic for me) but may be more or less depending on the flour you use... 50gr potato starch (or corn starch) 2 eggs (organic for me) 3/4 sachet baking powder 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 cup vegetable oil (organic extra virgin olive oil for me) 1/2 cup soy heav, Probably one of my favourite Pizzas. The sfogliatelle come in three types: riccia (curly), frolla (pastry) and monachina (= small nun). On the other hand, sfogliatella frolla is made with a much less laborious dough (it can remind us of a pâte sablée) and is shaped in a similar way to a pie. At first we will get a brittle mixture, don't worry, you have to keep kneading it. Fill generously with the semolina filling and close the shell.