Thereby, says an admired ancient, we build a nobler temple to the Deity than creation can present. Manifest ourselves Christians.(Bp. The seasons which you consecrate to devotion will hallow your worldly cares; and your worldly business, in its turn, will prevent your piety from degenerating into moroseness, austerity, or enthusiasm. God not only deserves such service as I am pleading for, He likewise demands it, and will not be put off with anything less. Due.2. It seems to me that the whole of this chapter, and the energy with which the apostle presses the great motive into the details of the life, is one long witness against it. Religious spirit. )Religious fervourR. “Rejoice with them that do rejoice. Only the redeemed ones are reckoned by the Lord as servants in His household. When this is displayed in its fullest extent, it is one of the noblest ornaments of the Christian. In the world.3. However difficult it may seem to be to pronounce on the invisibilities of our spirituality, yet there is a barometer to determine the elevation or depression of the spiritual principle. Serving the Lord is not for just a few spiritual people so motivated to do it. A man that cannot boil, and that cannot make anybody else boil; a man that cannot be blown into a flame, and cannot kindle a flame in others, is not fit to preach.IV. What was the distinguishing characteristic of Abraham, of Elijah, of Samuel, of Daniel, and of the others? Worldly objects are good, but they are good only as they are "sanctified by the Word of God, and by prayer"; and he who spends a portion of his time in prayer shall sooner arrive at the attainment of his object than he who has been the most diligent, but has neglected prayer. — be punctual, resolute, diligent. It declines no duty that bears the stamp of His authority.4. Within, our hearts are deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; then we have depraved appetites to restrain, and passions fed by indulgence to subdue. Fidelity.3. Think what truths would have been drowned in deep seas of oblivion if Huss had not gone calmly to the stake. It declines no duty that bears the stamp of His authority.4. Do we need to be entreated to be reasonable? In the family.4. about the follies and trickeries of the business world, and yet not try to bring to bear upon them this gospel which is to correct all abuses, arrest all crime, and lift up all wretchedness? The soldier must enlist before he can serve. There is no necessity for the exclusion of religious things from the mind during secular engagements. Tyson.All men are objects of God's compassion; and we are required to approve ourselves His children by manifesting a like spirit of love towards all men (Leviticus 19:18; Luke 10:25-37). Can you, then, exceed in gratitude to such a Friend, and serve Him with too much zeal?III. A musical instrument may discourse sacred melodies better than the holiest lips, but who thinks of commending it for its piety? Unless you serve Him you must serve sin and Satan (Matthew 6:24).2. Forgiven, they have longed with others to share the same forgiveness, and they have been ready to do all, and to dare all, for His sake who died for them. Are you a power among men? While it seeks first the happiness of those most near and dear, it embraces also all who are of the household of faith.III. Salter. Only the redeemed ones are reckoned by the Lord as servants in His household. Nay, there is worldliness there as truly as in Wall Street. It is the nature of the objects which we pursue that characterises our industry as useful or frivolous, as virtuous or vicious. W. Beecher.The word "fervent," in our tongue, would seem to indicate heat that prevails to such an extent as to break into a flame. A good man is the guardian angel of his country. Lyth, D.D.I. )Fervency of spiritJ. And so every bale of cotton, and raisin cask, and tea box, becomes a literature to our business men. When Carey proposed to go as a missionary to India, he was told that if God wished to convert the heathen He would doubtless do so in His own way. Then for one thousand years the darkness was only broken by here and there a man like St. Louis of France, or St. . Prayer is the beginning and the end of the Christian life. Everywhere.1. Walker.I. This — only purer, brighter, more fervent — should be seen in the Church. THE ENTHUSIASM OF THE REFORMER. The circumstances in which we are placed declare the purpose of Heaven with regard to the human race, and admonish us that to abandon ourselves to sloth is to forget the end of our being. �����C)l�����] �L������5�16^?mv�E���tʚ����E�I�����I'e��C�b]ߦ����]�ţ�G��X��9ڸ����O���_�pP%������9|�6}��"��B=��9��.a��W3�r���dz$�;�95V�g�ғh!c��3ިo o��\'b�SHO�0�%]Kt��A9kU��߆=o9�!�8�>��������Y��O�ޱ�u{���S9�rF��\⯇�Z�����G����(�M��K�2� #&�'����_ڑ�I�A������ؠ3/l�� ���68� �/� �[A� The Master is going by, and the cry, "The Bridegroom cometh," will sound in your ears before long. What would the world have been without them? The eye expresses it, the hand expresses it. Samuel 2:30).3. Think how the Church of England might now be settling on her lees if such men as Wesley and Whitefield had not driven their fellows back to the simplicity which is in Christ Jesus.IV. All Christian Churches ought to love each other because under the rule of the same King. What hast thou to do with likings and dislikings? But what must it be to have God for your Master.3. Shame be on us if we prove ourselves degenerate sons! Lyth, D.D. Be more serious for the future. That spirit consecrates life, sweetens life, saves life. Reverently (Hebrews 12:28, 29; Psalm 2:11).2. But are not the deepest feelings often voiceless? THE GROUND OR REASON OF THIS SPECIAL BROTHERLY AFFECTION. What hast thou to do with likings and dislikings? Fervour of spirit is, in general, opposed to lukewarmness and indifference. The end of our being.(J. By the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. But are not the deepest feelings often voiceless? 3. IT IS POSSIBLE TO BE IN SOME MEASURE KINDLY AFFECTIONED ONE TO THE OTHER, WITHOUT HAVING THAT LOVE OF WHICH THE APOSTLE SPEAKS. All God's gifts to us are for some beneficial use, and we dishonour them by allowing them to lie idle. What is God to the great mass of men? While the doctrinal part of Scripture is exceeding full, the practical part is not one whit less copious. I shall only add on this head, that by serving the Lord here, we have an earnest and anticipation of the happiness of the heavenly state. In the first centuries every Christian looked on it as a part of his life to be God's missionary, and for centuries the Church produced men like and Columban. And yet, when a man comes that wakes up the congregation, there are a great many men that look up and say, "Who knows whereunto this thing will grow?"