Let the children help in the household work as per their age, equally, irrespective of the gender. Some ways of how you can teach gender equality to your kids are as follows: Display the kind of behaviour you expect from your children. Presentation at the Harvard Club, New York . Roles of men and women. But modern lifestyle makes both the parents busy working for the family and earning the amount to meet the demands of life. Ways of Spending Time With Your Family, How Can Parents Promote Gender Equality At Home. "Since the concept of family has changed in the past 20 years, we need to take a closer look at how families have developed and adapted themselves to the changing gender roles," said Thu. Copyrights 2012 Viet Nam News, All rights reserved .Add:79 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, If not accepted well and handled appreciably, the family may become like a vehicle steered to different direction at the same time by many drivers. Why Is It Important to Teach Kids About Gender Equality? How to Educate Children About Gender Equality, Tips on Becoming Role Model for Your Child in a Positive Manner, Importance of Having Healthy Relationship in Family, How to Help Someone in Depression – Best Tips to Support Your Loved One. Initiatives in improving mathematics learning, No public clipboards found for this slide, Promotion of gender equality in our society. It should be an ongoing process – a part of their daily upbringing. You can’t teach kids about gender equality only once in life and expect them to remember it for a lifetime. In many countries, the typical nuclear family (two parents living with their children) have become less common. Teach them both the life skills to survive when alone such as, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and mending clothes, small repair work in and around the house. You can change your ad preferences anytime. According to a recent survey, conducted by the Office of National Statistics in the United Kingdom, the gap in unpaid work (activities such as childcare, adult care, house work and volunteering) between men and women reduced slightly during the lockdown. This is a recent phenomenon. Tel: 84-24-39332316; Fax: 84-24-39332311 E-mail: vnnews@vnagency.com.vn 0000001086 00000 n As a husband and wife, you must speak to each other with respect, share the household chores, and handle other tasks together. needs equally, regardless of Boys who are brought up as the privileged ones or are given more opportunities, freedom, grow up with a mindset that they are superior to their sisters and to women in general. For women, in particular, families have long been deeply paradoxical spaces. Little things, little remarks that people make in their daily life show how enormous this problem is. In international law, the protection of the family is closely linked to the principle of equality and non-discrimination, meaning that all members of a family must enjoy the same liberties and rights regardless of gender or age. Today, women’s participation rate in the labour force is 57%, up from 38% in 1960. The son must be made to understand that it’s not cool and manly to swear and curse. For many children, a huge part of their play centres on role-playing certain jobs. The masculinity helped male gender to dominate the society and made them authoritative in families. x�b```b``9��������π �@1V �� �� ����g�2SpKDG��9��@���M�D�A��8d)��!�C�]ɋU�9{>3�O��r�$�tj�l�]Wã(��|cK�ʂ�f;?��L�b�n�&�6i͓���9:�tG�d�p� \& �…)6�p%�\��,�G�P��������w@���c���&����nf48�q 216 0 obj <> endobj The roles of men and women have seen a lot of changes in modern society. Gender equality contributes to the achievement of the MdGs. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. They must be made to realise that nature may have made them physically different, but their nurturing will be the same. Kids need to be trained to cop up with the family roles. Now that you know why it matters to think about challenging gender stereotypes in your setting, here are some ideas on how to go about doing just that. "Over time, the structure and gender relations in the family have changed, but the family has always been an important and indispensable social institution in the socio-economic development of the country.". The equal status may disturb the husbands as the laid-underneath superiority elements may require certain amount of time to dissolve themselves and accept the new socio-cultural setup.