Was that I had washed that pillow just a few weeks earlier, and at first, i kept saying to myself, but I just washed it….how could so many of these things have gotten here when i just washed it…. I’m in Massachusetts. I took a picture with a microscope app the magnified 8xs and I will also include a few in my hand for a prospective. I won’t use poison because I have dogs, and eating a poisoned mouse will poison them, SUPPORT MSB at no extra cost to you: This cut the rodent issue by 90%. I’m not happy with the fact of having mice living in my home but I’m happy to know there isn’t a bug taking over my home. All the old timers say this is a sign of a very snowy winter.

Still puzzled. I’ll keep you guys posted. They are in totes with clothes in my basement or attic. Seedlings can be transported into the garden after the chance of frost has passed. Truly the better mousetrap! Please contact me if you have any expertise and care to discuss. We still do not have a positive identification. Not only should you be concerned about the storage environment (temperature, etc..), but also be very aware of your food storage containment — the container it’s kept in. Definitely dont want to catch your fingers in them! No offense to persons in medicine or health care; doctors are clueless, even infectious disease physicians. I have vinyl laminate wood floors and a leather couch. Thanks to a comment from Teri, we believe this is a Rodent’s stash of Pokeweed seeds which are pictured on the Ohio Perennial & Biennial Weed Guide. The black things look just like the ones in the picture though, but stacked in neat slimy piles of like 20 pearls. Seeds might sprout. That’s so creepy and disgusting! I would love to say that I too take the useless temperatures of my guest bats every spring, but in truth, after about ten years with the return of one family (or descendants) I have learned to take the precautions you mention.

Whatever may have stashed them may be up for debate. Like Sherlock Holmes, I set out to recover the stolen merchandise the little nemesis had absconded. Some of the earliest sowings I make, around the time of Imbolc itself, are peas and broad beans. I found them on my furniture when I got home from work today. Last week I noticed mice droppings in another area of our basement. This may be unrelated, but last night my husband was stung by a wasp that had joined us in our bed. Would anyone know what they are please or what State Agency would? Much of our food storage of that particular variety is stored in plastic bins (except for what the mice found). All these sightings seem to be clustered near Connecticut and nearby states. Your email address will not be published.

Your email address will not be published. This way we can finally have an answer.

Check out one of the images on this website. I just found around 15 of these things stuck between 2 towels in my bathroom.

I actually work for an exterminator and was googling to find an answer as no one has ever seen them or knew what they were, I did vacuum them up. Position the trap along a wall (mice run the edges), and voila… SNAP!

When the mice are exterminated, no more black seeds. I was panicked when I found them last night since they were not there the day before. Thanks for contributing useful information to this posting. … Within plastic tubs. Though you should look for ways in and plug it up. See 1 or 2 a day… Can’t figure out what they could be. I posted on the other thread as well but we live in Ohio and are finding the exact same pellet looking things…first on my sons bed in his toy room under a blanket in a nice neat pile..cellar and now in a dresser drawer…I myself am pretty creeped out!! We live in a large apt. while not common…it’s still a health hazard. will not do your child's homework, Fanmail: WTB? And pokeweed is toxic to mammals. Please let me know if you identify and determine what they are, and or their origin.