The top matched to the last level of Mexican pyramid. Periodically, research results will be published to government (Institute for Monuments Protection) and the media. I did not hear from the State's Institution for Monumental Protection in B&H until about 10 days later, but knew that in terms of legalities it was better to be safe than sorry. Early Bosnian stone-pits have produced impressive, polished blocks of sand stone. The next step was getting approval from the Ministry of Education of the Canton . Answers are the same as in the case of the enormous hill-replicas in Silbury Hills, England, or transporting stone blocks weighting a few hundred tons in Peru or Balbeck. I did not hear from the State's Institution for Monumental Protection in B&H until about 10 days later, but knew that in terms of legalities it was better to be safe than sorry. The Secrets Of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Originally, the pyramid was covered with plates made of calcite, which showed images of animals, such as jaguars, but these plates did not survive. In a few places, you can see stone blocks in the grass. B 1 – The first hole; at 5.20 meters (17.06 ft.). Another piece of the puzzle fits into place. Or natural phenomenon? At the depth of 4.70 meters (15.41 ft.) for the first time we ran into brown rocks, one of the main mysteries of the research. In the past, an intelligent man used the existing bases (probably two or three sides that reminded of a pyramid) and worked on them until they were worked into a pyramidal form. Nature rarely shapes hills in symmetrical and regular geometrical form. The Pyramid of the Sun is nearly one and a half miles long and stands almost a mile high. In our case, it is a stepped pyramid. 12,500 years ago a large part of the European continent was under deep layers of ice. "Dear Prof. Hodovic, The initial research in August of 2005 on Visocica Hill near Visoko, showed particular anomalies that illustrate the potential presence of ancient underground building objects. Soon after, the water retreated and during the centuries that followed soil and maquis covered the pyramids. Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon - Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna.The two pyramids form a main entrance to the fertile Valley of Visoko . After completion of the first phase, about 100 AD, the pyramid had reached almost its current height. The Structure OF The Sun’s pyramid. Soon after the twins are left to wait, they are attacked by three Bear-sarks sent by Anubis to kill them. - Visocica - Officially, pyramids built by ancient civilizations do not exist in Europe . A geodetic map that shows Visocica in the top right corner, demonstrates evident stepped pyramidal form as it goes to the top of the hill. The fact is it is a monumental pyramid. It is only right to want to know more having come so far. I found this incredibly odd, being as he had been recommended to me as an expert. However, I was interested in a much earlier period. When I finally had the time and enough information I sent a letter to director of to Prof. Hodovic. Stones that are present in the Pyramid are not all of the same age. WHAT NEXT? At 3.60 meters (11.81 ft.) stone mixed with marl was found, which is also not logical. B 5 and B 6 – Holes number 5 and 6 on the entrance plateau of the Pyramid, at 100 to 150m (328.08 ft. to 492.12 ft.) from the first hole and the beginning of the grove. ("Bad cement"). I opened the book on page 108. Overjoyed, he told us about three royal capitals in the area of Visocica. The town was built on the top of the pyramid that was so old that it was completely covered with forest and layers of soil. It can be assumed that this is a location inside of the pyramid where the rooms have been built. At first sight, he couldn't tell me what kind of material it was. We also spoke to a Bosnian scientist whose area of expertise was sediments, Dr. Kovacevic Rada, who kindly tested a few of the samples (six to be exact). At 14.80 meters (48.55 ft.) is a stone covered in marl. The members of my team for this project will be representatives from the Visoko museum (executive and administrator) and other required experts from B&H (geologists, mineralogists, engineers, etc). At 2.10 meters (6.8 ft.) a cemented stone was found. Finally, Josh stays behind and uses the Four Swords of Power to destroy Danu Talis. It is depicted as ten times as long as the Pyramid of Giza, which is seven hundred and fifty-six feet in length. It is some sort of material with very nice granulations". Their approval was confirmed on August 3, 2005 and it permitted the Native Museum to carry out the planned works in cooperation with myself. We can foresee a mosaic using several accessible pictures. The most interesting question for me is who built this Pyramid? Overjoyed, he told us about three royal capitals in the area of Visocica. "Here, professor, there was a temple once on this plateau", I continued. Under the layers of soil of the Hill Visocica that rises up over the town of Visoko, hides a stepped pyramid whose creators were ancient Europeans, or to be exact pre-Illyrian people. Stones are a flat block on which were later used for building and foundations. After a warm welcome in the Museum, commissioner and professor, Mr. Senad Hodovic, took us to the top of the nearby Visocica Hill. Several millennium inaugurals of Illyrian and Basque-Caucasian people left behind genius facilities in the form of pyramids, monolithic towns formed in stone and complex energy harvesting systems. These are speculations, of course, and any answer right now would be based on a personal opinion. She claimed that it was hard to tell, but she thought that "in 90% of cases it is a natural material". A stone with an admixture of iron was found. More The Secrets Of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel Wiki, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Wiki. Keeping in mind that a medieval Bosnian royal town is placed on the very top of the hill, which is also a declared national monument, I assured them that at this stage there would be no drillings in that area. In the past people did not need to create artificial materials like we do. We were looking for cement stone, as we call it. At 14.20 meters (46.58 ft.) again we encounter with a "decorative" stone layer. This is another important part of Osiris's and Isis's plan with the twins. The original name of the building is unknown. Professor Hodovic loves the history of medieval Bosnia . The Pyramid of the Sun is the largest pyramid in the ancient city of Teotihuacán.Teotihuacán is about 40 kilometres (25 mi) north of the modern-day Mexico City.The Aztecs named the building Pyramid of the Sun, when they entered the abandoned city of Teotihuacán. "Here, professor, there was a temple once on this plateau", I continued. The team working inside the pyramid Credit: SWNS:South West News Service ... "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. The original pyramid was bigger. They knew and respected it better then we do. After a few demands, the Museum sent, as Valjevac informed me, a young man (Mr. Sijaric), who said that there was nothing interesting for him there, after he looked at a palette with core samples. was found on the following depths: 2.20 - 2.40 m (7.21 ft. - 7.87 ft.), 3.30 - 3.50 m (10.82 ft. - 11.48 ft.) and at the depth between 4.40 and 4.60 m (14.43 ft. and 15.09 ft.). We also found a non logical (from nature's point of view) mix of marl and gravel as stone material. The four sides of the top of the hill completely match the world's sides: East, West, North and South, which is a typical characteristic in the construction of the pyramids. My first encounter with Visocica, the pyramid shaped hill near Visoko I focused my observation onto the Pljesevica hill. The pyramid probably served as a temple to one of the deities of Teotihuacán; but the name of the deity, and the nature of the cult are unknown today. The central part of Visocica, as it can be seen, has a pyramidal shape. Now we have a rare opportunity to lay a hand on the remnants of our ancestors. I saw an identical situation in the case of the biggest Central American pyramid in Cholula, the Mexican state of Puebla . The second phase consisted in adding an altar and a big statue at the top. It is a stony block, integrated with natural materials, used for building the walls of the Pyramid. Areas of Southern Europe from France through Spain, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Turkey and Caucasian areas have grown rapidly with human cultures.