If you've been reading the headlines and are suddenly terrified by the "toxic soup" of "forever chemicals" in the water you've been drinking your whole life, it's time to stop, relax and look up the source. The EPA kindly suggests we stick to a safety threshold of 70 parts per trillion, but they don't enforce those rules or require companies and agencies to publicise these levels. When the House of Representatives recently passed a bill that would force the agency to do so, the Trump administration threatened to veto. In addition, EWG found that on average six to seven PFAS compounds were found at the tested sites, and the effects on health of the mixtures are little understood. PFAS are used in a staggering array of consumer products and commercial applications. US drinking water contamination with ‘forever chemicals’ far worse than scientists thought. Read This Before You Panic Over 'Forever Chemicals' Reports in US Drinking Water . The chemicals were used in products like Teflon and Scotchguard and in firefighting foam. up to 110 million people may be drinking PFAS-tainted water, EWG's Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce™. Only Seattle and Tuscaloosa, Alabama had levels below 1 part per trillion (PPT), the limit EWG recommends. For Decades, The Department of Defense Knew Fire Fighting Foams With PFAS Chemicals Were Dangerous But Continued Their Use, For 20-Plus Years, EPA Has Failed To Regulate ‘Forever Chemicals’, For Decades, Polluters Knew PFAS Chemicals Were Dangerous But Hid Risks From Public. Privacy Policy | The EPA said early last year it would begin the process to set limits on two of the chemicals, PFOA and PFOS. Highest levels of PFAS in Miami, Philadelphia and New Orleans, report by environmental watchdog finds, Last modified on Wed 22 Jan 2020 13.41 EST. Hundreds of everyday products are made with highly toxic fluorinated chemicals called PFAS. Environmental Working Group. Maybe even grab yourself a glass of water. Learn how to reduce your exposure to PFAS chemicals in drinking water and consumer products. In 2018 a draft report from an office of the US Department of Health and Human Services said the risk level for exposure to the chemicals should be up to 10 times lower than the 70 PPT threshold the EPA recommends. The maximum levels listed are from a single point in time and do not reflect whether a water system has changed sources or is treating the water to reduce PFAS levels. The terrifying new report comes from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a government 'watchdog' with a penchant for hyperbole - so much so, that critics refer to them as the Environmental "Worry" Group. Legal Disclaimer | Today the family of fluorinated chemicals that sprang from Teflon includes thousands of nonstick, stain-repellent and waterproof compounds called PFAS, short for per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances. For decades, chemical companies covered up evidence of PFAS’ health hazards. For all water systems with a detection of PFOS, PFOA or another PFAS, a maximum concentration for each PFAS and a maximum total PFAS concentration is displayed. Decades of heavy use have resulted in contamination of water, soil and the blood of people and animals in the farthest corners of the world. The White House and the EPA had tried to stop the report from being published. Some have been linked to cancers, liver damage, low birth weight and other health problems. Tougher laws and regulations are essential, but you can also take steps to protect yourself and your family today. In no less than 34 locations, EWG says they detected contamination not reported by the EPA or state environmental agencies; however, these results are not peer-reviewed and the group is looking for chemicals at such low levels, it's unclear if there would be any impact on human health at all. Toxic 'forever chemicals' found in drinking water throughout US . "It's nearly impossible to avoid contaminated drinking water from these chemicals," David Andrews, a senior scientist at EWG, told The Guardian. Congress is considering legislation right now that would help stop the spread of PFAS contamination and clean up legacy pollution. Over the years, EWG has encouraged anti-vaccine hysteria and myths around autism, exploited the public's fear of weedkiller, pesticides and pretty much all synthetic compounds, and spurred on the anti-GMO movement. PFAS are incredibly persistent, never breaking down in the environment and remaining in our bodies for years. Add your voice and let Congress know that you want to stop the spread of PFAS contamination! CARLY CASSELLA. A study released Wednesday by an environmental watchdog group found heightened levels of … The presence of PFAS in our environment is something we need to pay close attention to. Joshua Bote. The contamination of US drinking water with manmade “forever chemicals” is far worse than previously estimated with some of the highest levels found in Miami, Philadelphia and New Orleans, said a report on Wednesday by an environmental watchdog group. Contact Us | Hundreds of everyday products are made with highly toxic fluorinated chemicals called PFAS. Reprint Permission Information. Testing done by an environmental watchdog shows a class of chemicals called PFAS are … They build up in our bodies and never break down in the environment. About the Map. If you've been reading the headlines and are suddenly terrified by the "toxic soup" of "forever chemicals" in the water you've been drinking your whole life, it's time to stop, relax and look up the source. Very small doses of PFAS have been linked to cancer, reproductive and immune system harm, and other diseases. Calling for more research is one thing; demanding the government figure out and enforce safe levels of these chemicals is another. Some are used in a variety of other products and industrial processes, and their replacements also pose risks.