And since when were you an archer? It may seal it for a moment, but as soon as you rip it off—as soon as you take your revenge—you're bleeding on the inside all over again. #marvel To put a face to your scars, someone you can focus your bitterness toward. He turned back to Emma and reached back into his pocket. Regina shut their bedroom door and laid on top of Emma. So it's the game. He caught it in his other hand, not releasing his grip on her. "I'm sorry, luv. I'll show you how to make a proper bow.". ", "You expect to bring down Neverland game with this trinket? Not after he'd gone through the trouble of saving her life. She was never good with it, but she was determined to learn." Hook's nose was buried in her shoulder, the stubble of his chin scratchy against her bare skin, and his warm breath tickled over her collarbone. (Leonard Snart & Barry Allen), "This girl got pipes." "We have to find her and fast!" "What—did you follow me?" “We’re definitely going to be exploring that. Enjoy and please review. Emma looked after him for a moment, until he disappeared into the shadows, then turned back and faced the trees. A post shared by jenmorrisonlive (@jenmorrisonlive) on Mar 27, 2018 at 2:33pm PDT. #stomptheyard "Neil? Being the Savior is not all it’s cracked up to be; Emma Swan learned that the hard way during Once Upon a Time‘s sixth season premiere. He looked hardly older than nineteen: handsome features, with a light dusting of hair along the bottom of his jaw. We approach the cabin and I hear Y/D/N laughing hysterically. I was in the middle of tucking a dagger beneath my jacket coat when Hook walked in. And what would happen to his life once he found him? “When Emma has a problem, she reverts back to season 1 — wall goes up, ‘I’ll figure it out myself, I don’t need to tell anyone.’ That’s the journey for her and Hook, which is now that she said last year, ‘I love you,’ well if you’re letting that wall down and letting all the good things in, all the bad things are going to come in. He turned and plopped three more arrows into her hands. She's not in her room and her scent is about a day old! "Hello", she said. "Thank you, I appreciate the offer, but no. I burst into the room and checked every place that she could possibly hide, and I couldn't find her. The smile didn't reach his eyes. The blonde cried out in pleasure as she kissed Regina's neck. Emma turned the knife over in her fingers, surprised to see a second, smaller inscription on the back, in gentler, swirling script. They were all children, the oldest one no older than nine. "I was walking down the road and I saw a strange biker holding Emma on their bike. She held it firm between her hands and pulled back on the string, testing the draw. Your review has been posted. His grip slackened, and she wrenched out of his arms, rolling to her knees on the cave floor. #emmaswan will live in my heart for ever. Nothing to go back to, nothing to help get your feet under you again. Sorry for the delay in updates, I've been super busy. That day… with the Crocodile, she… she dropped it." ???? It was a thin wooden shaft, about the length of her forearm, with a sharpened tip. His tousled brown hair hung down into his sparkling blue eyes, and he had that same crooked grin that infuriated her so much about Hook. #thegifted. You got a bow? He tossed her the knife, and she caught it by the leather sheath. "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! The brunette growled in anger but rolled off and allowed Emma to answer the phone. Expect the next update in a week or so. While her husband sees his infant daughter in a basket, Snow White sees her teenage daughter in a pink gown. She hadn't even noticed him carving it. Are you doing it out of the sake of duty or because you believe in it? ", Emma glared a him a moment. The death of Emma Swan in 'Once Upon a Time' ... he comes back all grown up hours after being kidnapped, giving us no clue as to what darkness he … Emma kicked the stranger off and punched them in the gut. Home Improvement Star Talks Working With Tim Allen, But Everyone’s Focused On How Different She Looks, Jennifer Lopez Called Out For Copying Beyonce At American Music Awards, The Best Romantic Comedies To Watch During Christmas (And Where To Watch Them). A fistful of sparkling pink powder exploded in her face. "I never thought I would be happy that I had my magic." "You know, usually I get a different reaction from the women I meet. (Leonard Snart), "Why are you so.....?" "It was hers. "Couldn't well have to running off and leaving me again, now could I?" I do not want you or anyone else getting hurt and especially not Emma. The Black Fairy's past is revealed as we learn the real reason she gave Rumple up. What happened?" A shell with one purpose, and one purpose only. He shrugged. She adjusted her aim, holding the deer just below the sharpened tip of the arrow. "Can't you find his dog later?" As Hyde points out, as the Savior, Emma will want to help the new characters from the Land of Untold Stories, but one of them could ultimately be her killer. "Y/N!" But he kept walking, spinning the knife expertly between his fingers. As much as she wanted to she didn't want to do it in their kitchen when their son was upstairs and could come down at any time. The sunlight slanted in through the leaves high above, tossing dappled patterns over the leaf-strewn floor. Would you still keep doing your job? Then we'll be on our way.". Unfortunately for fans of the ABC drama Once Upon a Time, the fairytale is drawing to a close. “That is a question we are posing,” executive producer Edward Kitsis says. She waited for it to clear, before slowly propping herself up onto her elbows, squinting around through watery eyes at her surroundings. With a disgruntled snort it turned and bounded away into the forest. When Morrison returned to wrap-up Emma's story in Episode 2 of Season 7, it was revealed they were having their first baby. Are you alright? The boy grinned, sporting crooked teeth. Hmm. Her hands tightened around the bow. I walk outside the apartment and move to track him down.