Same day delivery. They are labeled as such. Next, these fresh eggs are seal with a protective food grade coating to seal the pores on the eggs for protection. window.mc4wp = { Eggs are one of the most common food ingredients but health authorities caution the proper cooking and storage of eggs as Salmonella that causes food poisoning is a common bacteria found in eggs . Dasoon’s Hard Boiled Eggs are SFA Approved. Check out for supermarkets that carry Egg Story eggs. $3.25 Chew's Fresh Eggs - Omega … It saves our customers the time to cook and peel the eggs. Amazing article! All you have to do is watch a short video clip about Egg Story and answer a simple question. if (!window.mc4wp) { A quick walk through the motorised brushes to clean off any dirt on the boots. Heated to a high enough temp to kill any disease organisms, while still appearing to be a raw egg inside. What is pasteurised eggs and why is it better? Egg Story pasteurised eggs have a prolonged shelf life of 60 days from production date when chilled in the fridge and also greatly reduces the risk of cross-contamination in food preparation area. Join the #RenzzePulse family. Really great article! You will only be invoiced based on the actual quantities delivered. Great value and widest selections of more than 12000 items at a click. hard boiled eggs, whole egg omelettes). A top quality fresh Seng Choon egg … Hundreds of Your Favourite Groceries & Fresh Items With Lower Prices That Last! } Three-layer Egg. If you are intending to cook hard-boiled eggs, it may be harder to peel the shells off pasteurised eggs especially when they are fresh. By the time they reach the end of the line, the food grade coating on the shells have all dried up. It has also attained the HALAL and HACCP certification. Please enter your postal code to check for slot availability. Dasoon’s Hard Boiled Eggs are SFA Approved. order $30). The first part of the process is the pasteurisation. N&N is a high tech, bio-secure, 13 hectare farm breeding more than half a million hens, producing about 400,000 eggs daily! (function() { Egg Story pasteurised eggs are best used for making sunny side ups, half boiled eggs, poached eggs, soft scrambled eggs, tiramisu, Caesar salad dressing, Hollandaise sauce, custard or any type of egg dishes that involves leaving the yolk partially undercooked. The pasteurisation technology that N&N uses is developed by the National Pasteurised Eggs, Inc. in USA and is supported by the WHO (World Health Organisation), FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), USDA (U.S Department of Agriculture) and CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S). There is an interesting difference between pasteurised eggs versus non-pasteurised eggs: the colour of the raw pasteurised egg whites is a little cloudy due to the slight change in protein structure of pasteurised eggs. On a white plate, there isn’t any difference! If you ever wondered what happens between the time the egg is laid till the time it reaches your plate, this post would give you a blow by blow account! The idea to bring this technology into Singapore was based on their philosophy to  (以人为本) do the best they can for the people they serve. It saves our customers the time to cook and peel the eggs. The temperature is set at a specific point to ensure that the eggs get pasteurised effectively without cooking the eggs or destroying the egg nutrients. Hope you learnt more about eggs and is better equipped to make informed choices. With all these questions fluttering in and out of my mind whenever I go grocery shopping, I was delighted to receive an invitation to visit Egg Story’s farm and learn about the pasteurisation of eggs from the CEO, Mr Ma.