I really wanted to love this recipe! This vegan stroganoff that’s nothing short of delicious…and so comforting too. May 2020 I know it’s disappointing to try a new recipe and not love it, so I wish this would have been perfect for you. February 2019 I'd never made or eaten any kind of stroganoff before thinking up this recipe and only had a rough idea of the ingredients needed. January 2017 You may need more or less, depending on your mixture's wetness. No thanks. So even though its probably in no way authentic, the flavours work beautifully. 1 onion, chopped. Customer Sales and Support Centre by free phone on 0800 1 88884 or Up to a few years ago I wouldn’t even try them #progress. Serve warm over noodles, garnished with additional parsley as desired. Saved by Well Plated - Easy Healthy Recipes. 11. Beef stroganoff was especially popular. The stroganoff gets its creaminess from freshly made cashew cream - one of the staples in our vegan kitchen. This lighter vegetarian stroganoff is just as delicious as the original! Ingredients. Add oats, a little at a time. In a food processor, combine cooked lentils, vegetable mixture and flavourings (sauces/herbs/spices). If you are unable to use JavaScript Notify me of replies to my comment via email. I love to know what you are making! Remove completely from heat, let stand 1 minutes, then stir in the Greek yogurt, sour cream, and parsley. Pour cashew cream into pan, and gently simmer for about 15 minutes, to allow the flavours to develop. Thank you for taking the time to comment too. stirring constantly. Before draining, reserve ½ cup of the still-hot water. 2. Thanks for this lentil and mushroom version.. As always, the opinions expressed are all my own. Erin, this dish looks so divine!! Add the mushrooms, thyme, salt, and pepper. Delicious served with a green salad, or for something more substantial, over mashed potato, or brown rice. Fry the onion and a pinch of salt for 1 minute, then add the mushrooms and plenty of ground black pepper. I totally don’t eat enough mushrooms. Prepare penne according to directions. Loving this vegetarian comfort food! Hi, I'm Erin Clarke, and I'm fearlessly dedicated to making healthy food that's affordable, easy-to-make, and best of all DELISH. I like to use No Yolks egg noodles, because they are completely cholesterol free and cook smoothly every time. Nice depth of flavor from the onion, mushrooms and garlic. August 2017 BRING THEM ALL. Subscribe, share, and let me know how “YOU” made it your own. Casseroles? Paired well with sauteed asparagus. Add chopped pickles, salt, tomato sauce, nutmeg, paprika powder and if you want, some soy sauce and vegan cooking cream. Disclosure & Privacy Policy. In a deep, wide skillet or Dutch oven, heat the olive oil over medium high. I'm a married mother of one, living in Melbourne. Heat the wild rice following pack instructions, then stir through the remaining chopped parsley and … Thank you ! 2. If you'd like to comment further on this recipe you can do so in the Add 2 tbsp water to the pan and fry for 10 minutes, stirring regularly, until all the liquid has evaporated and the vegetables are starting to turn golden. How much Soy milk do you use please Tracey... The good news is that you can calculate the calories for free at MyFitnessPal (there are other similar sites too). Though I am typically an advocate for using whole wheat noodles in place of regular, for some recipes such as this Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup and today’s stroganoff, nothing but classic egg noodles will do. Create an account to easily save your favorite projects and tutorials. March 2017 WELCOME! Although I have a special fondness for (and borderline fascination with) classic dishes from my childhood, basic combinations of plain meat + plain starch have never particularly blown up my skirt. September 2016 Check out some really tasty lentil recipes here. Lentil and Mushroom Stroganoff Published November 18, 2010 vegetarian 5 Comments Tags: lentil, mushroom. You won’t be subscribed unless you click on the subscription link. Otherwise lovely texture and loved the mushrooms! Way too “meat and potatoes.”. An easy recipe for mushroom stroganoff with lentils and Greek yogurt. We don't always put them in veggie balls though (we mainly use chickpeas or tofu), but after eating a delicious lentil burger in country Victoria recently, we were inspired to make our own version. And the beef is really a good choice in there too. Add paprika and white wine, then place a tight fitting lid on top of the pan. April 2020. Portabella mushrooms, stems removed, sliced, Button mushrooms, stems removed, sliced (divided). Old family favorites reinvented for a modern, healthy diet, such as this ham and cheese noodle casserole and that cheesy chicken broccoli rice casserole, are some of my favorite recipes to share on my site, so I wondered if I could make a version of beef stroganoff that was lighter and more exciting than the original, but still offered a feeling of comfort and indulgence. I don’t have any Brandy… could Sherry be used as a substitute? I'm the author and recipe developer here at wellplated.com and of The Well Plated Cookbook. So how do we keep that same meatiness and creaminess without sacrificing on flavor? (omit to make vegetarian, tasting recipe for extra salt as needed). Your email address will not be published. Create an account to easily save your favorite projects and tutorials. My grandma has a recipe for it in our family cookbook, her mother probably did too, and I’d I bet my last slice of Almond Joy Cake that it’s listed in every Betty Crocker, Better Homes and Gardens, and church-lady cookbook ever published. Dear Church Ladies, Betty Crocker, and editor of the Better Home and Gardens cookbook: I hope I did you proud. Absolutely delicious, thank you for sharing. Nance xx. These would also be great with pasta sauce, roasted veggies or salad. Nutritional information is something I started adding to recipes in January 2016.