Shul supporters said that the single-story structure is mostly used as a Shabbos shul and that the students are no longer using it. endobj First, it is alleged that Section 18-8.7 of the Lakewood Township Code required the board to find that the applicant failed to obtain a building permit and commence construction pursuant to the site plan within two years of approval and that, as a result, the site plan approval became void. 665 0 obj <>stream He said that when owner Joseph Neuschloss purchased the property in 2004 it was already a shul. The attorney also said that the shul, Agudas Achim, gained tax-exempt status in the recent past. ;T���.FX���)�� KhG��ZFGG�P 4 0 obj A property history search shows Neuschloss bought the property in September 2004. �o4.J���L�T!��ڢ�ʮ/w���h��l� ���)����C)*F���7�o�4�oH��(��8�y`M�zy硘�4Tl2눼Dn +�7�I�Eo�������{��/�X��B4d��;���� ���ܺ�j1@����gW���2�T辆���s�lB����S�Ӓ�`'uJ�9Y}�#д����nA��#62FQ���lj�{@�9@ ��U�UV���u�Y�q�B��,D�4��{���R��&ǻ�\fKˮ�n:�:^����P�V�0��(m1Ը� ��[lrJ[H���Ku��J�I���DoR�����4ՃU��cɽ��� ���7��������S��=C�#: h�b```�u��vB ��ea�� �pu���#��M�ᇃgC���R�����h���^w�ܾLۭ�9������-'�c>�. <> Re: Long-Range Facilities Plan , Major Amendment Approval Lakewood Township School District (2520), Ocean County I];X�T-|z�}Pm����r���}�����(�F���m��0�h!�(on��Wt�� Lakewood Town Hall. Applicant’s attorney Adam Pfeffer prefaced the request Tuesday for after-the-fact Planning Board approval by explaining how his client didn’t know his property’s approved use didn’t allow for a synagogue or religious institution. The same is true for downloads and forms, in our download center resource section. “He (his client) didn’t know there were any issues.”. x��\[s�6�~w��g�<4q'S)Wɲ�8�mc9ޔw�m�"�(sI���Ow� �p+[I�#�h4��u���'����r�K�����nW./����ó���}���)? �/�T�^g`e�� �?�=�\���Pۯür�S��%�c�`�D�Y�[5(f�7�Fd�� r�/T�oP�'�ު��G0�21�w��`l�'��8+ߍ���Q�p3w�}�V��5������Ɵ��h�k|��=�O/Q��Y7���S���!����f�&1_�L*��3,~RX����E}9�;��X���p{%�,����7� There was a violation issue. It received tax exempt status as a house of worship in 2012. !-� ��3_6���x����P�E��f�a�-'���NJ�L+���/� 4xhf3�n�c����#��hT��X��Tyy96OLg�,��Ð�o��|l��x��}`7?xj?�H;�M-&i���`f�v�A�\�+!�O"��${�7kJ�K2Zk��ӱ� Z��fь����R'�����V+8�r��؃ ��$�7��Ws���mx�jC�o�(Q�.E����%�:���v}�XԤ>�o��,�'�E�>W>Oߌ5@Ɠd�C fr4ȋ�� 2o'�T��:+D�zcSQ���4�I�����(�^��>�զZ-�F�j�k��mOO�c�enD���#�Q����)\�[„_!�g��jTXÃ���ʚ����wx��_�Ln�VW�.K� 2 0 obj LAKEWOOD - The township Planning Board has approved a change of use for a shul, or temple, whose owner said he didn't know his shul was no (legal) shul in the eyes of the town, even if it's been around for at least 15 years. It’s not an issue.”, Board attorney John Jackson III said, “this is not a board of retribution or enforcement. endstream endobj startxref 633 0 obj <> endobj Pfeffer told the board that when neighbors saw trees being cleared off the property they were concerned that the shul was planning on building more parking space for a possible expansion. endstream endobj 634 0 obj <. �� stream %PDF-1.5 Mayor Ray Coles was sworn in as a Commissioner of the Lakewood Township Municipal Utilities Authority. He then asked the board: “Will they be able to come back down the road and build a parking lot?”. Phil Murphy did not include $30 million promised by … The property zoned M1, just think of all the possibilities. He played with Aretha Franklin and now helps Lakewood kids be creative, Bigwig stiffed landlord, slammed Lakewood 'overpopulation', Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. “That’s what I was more afraid of,” Mooney said. “It’s our neighborhood shul,” Meir Brull said. qt0 Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020, 7:00 PM . VII. Engineer’s Report Mr. Ponsi’s Report 1. Other board members grilled Pfeffer, the attorney, on whether the building would be rented out to schools or for other purposes. Lakewood Township is the most populous township in Ocean County, New Jersey, United States.As of 2018, the municipality had a population of approximately 104,157 residents. Contact him at or at 732-643-4061. 500 Prospect St, Lakewood Township, NJ 08701 is a 3,325 sqft Lot/Land listed for $1,900,000. 3 0 obj R,ǤIK�g9x��,��~D3z The one-story building is in an R-12 zone, which allows for houses of worship but with certain requirements. %%EOF Lakewood City Hall: 12650 Detroit Ave. Lakewood, OH 44107 (216) 521-7580 Lakewood Schools Shut Down After $30M Shortfall - Lakewood, NJ - The state budget signed Sunday by Gov. Sold "as is", all approvals responsibility of the buyer. House and building on property sold "as is". “When the township was called they then realized there was no approval or change of use for this synagogue. “There were some students learning there, but nobody’s using it right now.”, Rise Up Ocean County: Bigwig stiffed landlord, slammed Lakewood 'overpopulation'. h�bbd```b``���+�d�di�� ���=�������^ ��Dr.�s�$#�db϶���Al��l�"��n��T��e`$������ � ��L 655 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<5CBCD2AAA6F69A45A1BFD3CBCD26B501><52DC392DF100B741A7FE70BDD6826698>]/Index[633 33]/Info 632 0 R/Length 109/Prev 341492/Root 634 0 R/Size 666/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream �t�� ��?K|%�b��� �|�KT6X����g1r2�4�.hsp�֍4c�|��� ��o���8���n� Gustavo Martínez Contreras covers Lakewood. But his attorney gave a hint at what might have tipped him off.