Batman is involved with the team initially, although he ultimately disapproves of their close ties to the UN. }. Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. "[35], Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "On the First Year of Keith Giffen and J.M. Read Justice League International (1993) Comic Online. This tale told a story of the characters attempt to rescue Ice from Hell. (W) Dan Jurgens (A) Aaron Lopresti, Matt Ryan (CA) David Finch With the Signal Men defeated and Earth saved from certain annihilation, the members of Justice League International expected to bask in glory and appreciation. The first members were; Batman, Guy Gardner, Blue Beetle, Dr. Maxwell Lord introduces a proposal to get United Nations funding, and they are given sponsorship in exchange for government regulation. Then someone, and I really wish I remembered exactly who, stirred the JLI into the mix. If you use the "Add to want list" tab to add this issue to your want list, we will email you when it becomes available. Batman, Booster Gold, Green Lantern Guy Gardner, August General in Iron, Fire, Ice, Vixen and Rocket Red are charged with promoting unity and trust - but can they reach that goal without killing each other first? Titles included: Justice League America, Justice League Europe, Justice League Task Force, Extreme Justice and Justice League Quarterly. Batman is denied membership due to having a secret identity, but is allowed to accompany the group as part of an effort to foster good relations between the JLI and the original Justice League. We’ve been selling comics since 1961 (our first sale: Fantastic Four #1 at $0.25, see one of our first ads) The story will start in 2013 to find out what will happen to the Justice League. They fight the Champions of Angor, other-dimensional super-heroes intent on destroying all nuclear weapons. Sort by. Copyright © 1996 - 2020 Lone Star Comics Inc. Current In 1989, the first seven issues of the original Justice League International series were collected in a trade paperback called Justice League: A New Beginning (ISBN 0930289404) and issues #8–12 and Justice League America Annual #1 in the follow-up Justice League International: The Secret Gospel of Maxwell Lord in 1992 (ISBN 1563890399). © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. In the latter part of the series, more recognizable characters, including Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Aquaman, joined, followed by lesser known characters such as Bloodwynd, Maya, Maxima, Nuklon, Obsidian, Tasmanian Devil, and Triumph. $2.95 In a world where humanity shuns and fears the superpowered, only Ten metahumans have fully revealed themselves. At first, they were the new Justice League of America, but Lord quickly expanded their scope internationally, working with the UN to build the Justice League International! After the events of Break Downs, the teams were restructured, with Superman and Green Lantern each taking the reigns of a team. Breakdown: Part 3 - (W) Dan Jurgens (A) Aaron Lopresti, Matt Ryan (CA) David Finch, Richard Friend 'BREAKDOWN,' picking up where last month's FIRESTORM #9 left off. Miracle recognizes it as a modified New Genesis Device, and neutralizes it. FIRST PRINTING Written by DAN JURGENS Art by AARON LOPRESTI and MATT RYAN Cover by AARON LOPRESTI With the growing presence of super beings around the world, the United Nations resolves to create a new group called Justice League International. Booster Gold was the leader of the team and when the new Rocket Red was killed, Vixen Ice and Fire were placed in the hospital after an attack. While the rest of the hero community does not even know who Maxwell Lord is, the newly re-founded JLI travels around the world looking for him. This formed the basis of the book's finale, with the members of the Justice League International racing to track down Wonder Woman before Lord could find her and kill her. Justice League International (2011) #1A ... the members of Justice League International expected to bask in glory and appreciation. Superman was limited to John Byrne's reboot, George Pérez was relaunching Wonder Woman and Mike Baron was launching the Wally West version of the Flash. In all of my years in comics, I have never experienced anything like the complete 180 this project took once the brainstorming kicked off. Will the individual teams be able to handle what hides in the dark? Freeing himself, Blue Beetle attacked Max Lord and Lord shot Blue Beetle in the head, reminiscent of Ted Kord's death. He was eventually killed by Wonder Woman. In 2008, DC announced plans to collect the early years of the JLI as individual volumes, initially as hardcovers and later on as trade paperbacks; starting with volume 5 the books will be released solely as trade paperbacks: Martin A. Stever reviewed Justice League International Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer No. Using Lord's persona, Dreamslayer lures a large portion of the Justice League to the island and takes mental control of them, making them the "new Extremists". In-Store: 1/26/2021 The Justice League International era continues with more wild and witty misadventures from Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Guy Gardner, and the rest of the unlikely team! Schwartz, influenced by the popularity of Major League Baseball's National League and American League, decided to change the name of the team from the Justice Society of America (JSA) to the Justice League of Am… The future version says that the Superman and Wonder Woman love connection will wipe out this universe and both Booster's will cease to exist. Booster Gold wanted to expand the team by adding Olympian and Blue Beetle. After the events of last issue, the team becomes Justice League International as an ancient Aztec cult attacks the … Following the events of company-wide crossovers Crisis on Infinite Earths and Legends, Justice League of America writer J. M. DeMatteis was paired with writer Keith Giffen and artist Kevin Maguire on a new Justice League series. This second series features Captain Atom, Booster Gold, the new Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes, Fire, Ice and a new Rocket Red (by the name of Gavril Ivanovich) and essentially saw the return of Justice League International, as explained by Giffen:[13]. Breakdown: Part 1 - (W) Dan Jurgens (A) Aaron Lopresti, Matt Ryan (CA) David Finch, Richard Friend It's the JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL against O.M.A.C in a fight to the finish!