The typical depiction of structure is the organization chart. 5.0 Discussion Recommendation & Conclusion The typical depiction of structure is the organization chart. 2.4.1 Type Of Structure 1.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM. Event director is also in responsible to ensure that the team works on time preparing all necessaries for the event and communicating with the event owner if it¿½s requested by any other industry. We're here to answer any questions you have about our services. Likewise how it has strengths it also has the weaknesses. Recommended, Use of this Site is subject to Terms of Service. Organizational structure's importance is also seen in the process of purchasing raw materials and other resources for the operation of the business. Organization chart contains of functions, responsibilities, authorities, relationships, and communications of individuals of employees and management within each department. This department also is in responsible of generating funds like the sponsorship department to accommodate the expenses that occurs during the organizing of the event. Importance of Organizational structure to … By establishing the positions and determining how they work in tandem, order is brought to the operation, allowing the enterprise to effectively pursue its goals. Basically, the functional structure offers a way to centralize decision making and provide unified direction from the top. Meanwhile, the level of objective attainment generally determiner the extents of management effectiveness. The Importance of The Organizational Structuring and Departmentalization in Workplace Mohamed Abdulwahab Ahmed USAID Sudan/AECOM International, Toward Enduring Peace in Sudan Program, Sudan Abstract: The importance of this paper comes from the essential role is played by the organizational structure and departmentalization in any organization or … 1.1 IMPORTANCE OF ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE. NS event management is an event management company that is established for the concerns of charity where we plan, prepare and produce events that are organized to help those in needs and unfortunates. 5. This type of structure is best applicable by organizations that consists small number of organization members. REFERENCE Thus, it is far from surprise that it has been the subject of intensive study for has been adopted in trying to design effective organization structure. Hi: There is significant different between the respondents in other department on the degree of work satisfaction. It can be a permanent arrangement in business where work is assigned by project, cutting across functional departments. 2.3.1 Enrolment And Structure You are reading project material titled: Importance Of Organizational Structure In Effective Management. We can therefore describe the functional structure in terms of dividing tasks jobs and delegating alternatives thus these provides some aspect of major challenges faced by management, management is expected to make the appropriate analysis that will help in designing of an effective organizational structure for any total organization. Coming to the task that structure in the present day organization present complex relationship, is the need for people to organize their efforts on, later to attain certain objectives becomes more and more imperative. The third type of organization structure known as the Matrix structure is often used for short periods to solve a problem or complete a project. devotional anthologies, and several newspapers. This can be avoid by appoint a manager for each of the department to make a decisions when the top managers are not around. What is the degree of different existing between the structural designs of the department within the organization? A sure step above high school, college courses require more than just attendance and completion of work. Recent change in the business environment of Nigeria companies have given rise to high level of uncertainties, they make adjustment in the organizational structure. The importance of organizational structures in the implementation of a strategy is hard to overemphasize. 1.6 Significant Of Study 1.5 HYPOTHESIS Another aspect of the operation that illustrates the role of organizational structure is the establishment of a line of communication that includes every level of the structure. by subordinate with in these department. First, make sure to keep your folders organized and labeled, as you don’t want to lose anything of importance. Importance of Organizational structure to effective management - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Office Technology & Management Project Topics. Good strategy involves taking account of where a company finds itself in terms of the external market and its internal organizational structure. Besides that, they are also responsible in getting marshals, umpires or master of ceremonies like guest of honors for an event. This is because¿½¿½. As this basic fact has become increasingly apparent, a new perspective on organizational design known as the contingency approach has taken forms. Hi: There is significant different between the respondent on the production department who believe that high degree of formulization is capable of preventing appropriate action on the war place and those who believe the same in the department. We respect the rights of authors, creators, and copyright holders and will remove or disable access to this material if uploaded by wrong person, You may also claim ownership, become our vendor/seller of this work and start earning 70% of all sales. Checks and balances to make sure ordering is done responsibly and in relation to existing inventories helps to prevent excessive inventories that can tie up company resources and also create a greater tax burden.