This is how you can save some money while still being as close to authentic as you possibly can. Share an image on Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest. Sticky rice (also known as Thai sticky rice) is a type of glutinous rice that is generally steamed. If you want your sushi to look red, there are rice grains that actually have that color. { Rice of horrible quality purchased from questionable sources. Sushi rice are short grained, Jasmine rice are long grained. ½ cup (95g) of uncooked rice makes a whole cup of cooked rice (250g). On that note, if you are willing to make a compromise with regards to the kind of rice that you will use for your sushi, you can just go with any kind of short-grain rice. You do not need to use a non-stick pan. Use a small bowl, glass or even a teacup would work! Let us know how you got on with this recipe, and what you like to serve your rice with? Speaking of which, you can also find black rice in the market and this one has a lot of fiber, so you had better watch out for that. forms: { If it isn’t, you are not necessarily losing much, but the perception can be an issue. Via ShutterStock, © 2007 - 2020 Archana's Online Media & Publishing Services LLP, Thai Recipes,Malaysian & East Asian Recipes, Last Modified On Friday, 08 March 2019 10:53, © Archana's Online Media & Publishing Services LLP, Sweet Recipes (Indian Mithai / Indian Dessert), Variety Rice (Mixed Rice/ Flavoured Rice Recipes), Breakfast Recipes (Indian Breakfast Ideas), Indian Homemade Masala Powder & Chutney Powder Recipes, Traditional Indian Homemade Pickle Recipes, Continental Party Appetizer & Starter Recipes, Eggplant In Mustard Poppy Seed Yogurt Gravy Recipe-Begun Doi Sorse Posto bata Jhol, Parsi Style Vegetable Dhansak Recipe- Parsi Vegetable Dal, Kongunadu Style Vetrilai Sadam Recipe - Betel Leaves Rice, Vankaya Ulli Karam Recipe - Eggplant In Spicy Onion Gravy, ढाबा स्टाइल अंडे की करी रेसिपी - Dhaba Style Egg Curry. We will give that to you in this recipe! Then turn the bowl upside down onto the plate/bowl you are serving it in! Of course, this puts this discussion in a rather broad term. Wow! Going even further than that, if you are the adventurous sort, you can actually find rice that might come with different characteristics compared to that of Japanese rice. } (function() { Thrice a day? Copyright © 2020 Flawless Food on the Foodie Pro Theme. This is part of the cooking process to perfect your rice. Methods provided for with and without a sushi mat! Its very simple to make, when you know the right rice to water ratio. Twice a day? Although, not as sticky as glutinous or sushi rice. Jasmine rice and sushi rice have different tastes, textures, size and even cooking methods. There are also rice varieties that come with different colors. Jasmine rice is usually eaten with a spoon or chopsticks from a bowl. Required fields are marked *. The key to making your Jasmine sticky rice is to NOT wash it first!! Put the timer on for 8 minutes. One Star Anise is fine or add two for a stronger flavour. We make Jasmine Sticky Rice to serve up with our Asian meals. DO NOT WASH YOUR RICE!! Purchase the correct rice. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Rice was not stored in a clean, dry, non-humid place. Jasmine rice is popular in India, while Sushi rice is popular in Japan. Do you crave sushi a lot of the time? Many of them are used by sushi chefs all around the world to make their famous dishes. Once it has reached a boil, put a lid on and turn the heat to the lowest setting. With short rice, such as brown or white rice, a little fat goes a long way. Once it reaches the boil, turn temperature to the lowest setting and place lid on for 8 minutes. I was just wondering if I could make it in a normal pot rather than stainless steel. If you can order your favorite avocado roll in your favorite Japanese sushi bar, take down these recipes that we're about to... link to The 11 Best Apps For Sushi Lovers, link to 7 Sushi Rolls With Avocado Toppings. Its very simple to make, when you know the right rice to water ratio. } Finally, depending on your priorities, you can either go with the cheaper brands of rice or the more expensive brands that come with higher quality. I love sticky rice and I usually associate this to Japanese or Thai rice.