However, most drivers who opt to convert rather than purchase new are more motivated by a desire to hold onto a classic car with sentimental value than they are by saving money. Zelectric Motors’ niche market includes rebuilding and converting primarily Volkswagen and Porsche vehicles from the 1950s through 1970s, a process it calls “RetroFuture.”. Posted on Last updated: ... (1,500 kilowatts, that’s what I used to power my entire home last month, in a trunk!) Separate front and rear braking systems enable advanced sport driving techniques. This Northern California company provides electric vehicle conversions at reasonable prices, with basic packages starting at $20,000. This company’s signature offering is its True EV Car Kit, which includes everything you’ll need to convert your vehicle except batteries and racks. Under the dash: dual brake pedals, steering linkages, and accelerator — step on it, but don’t call it a gas pedal. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Computer programmers, carpenters, men, women, high school and college students — even auto mechanics — have successfully assembled and understand the Switch. A 100km range is in general achievable for any conversion. Things are going so well for the company that, according to principal Michael Bream, they are booked solid for the next 3-1/2 years. Best Electric SUV for 2020: Our Recommendations, GetUpside Review: Save up to 45¢/Gallon on Gas – Promo Code: 9T3M3, Best Hybrid Cars for 2020: An Extensive Guide, 12 Great Electric Car Conversion Companies Reviewed. Jim also invented the Zappy micro scooter which sold more than 30,000 units. See the effects of voltage by viewing the Performance Curve. Hi Performance Electric Vehicle Systems. We imagine Makers taking the Switch Lab process into global markets via micro-manufacturing, tailored to local needs and fueled by regional green power sources. Photo by Sam Euston. We identify the following categories for weight: We identify the following categories for range: This results in the table below. 2 Calculate Costs. Copyright 2012-2020. In January 2015, 12 teachers completed training at our facility, where they assembled two vehicles in one week. Finally, you’ll need the car you want to convert from gas to electric power. Active liquid cooling with internal oil pump and dry sump. Photo by Peter Oliver. The simple, user-friendly kit can help you get your car up and running in a matter of hours at an exceptionally low price: just $2,280 plus shipping costs. The cost of the conversion project are largly determined by the weight of the car and the required range. Though we sometimes see cool individual vehicles that have come through the shop, we don't often get much of an overview of the operation. EVDrive offers some of the highest performance Electric Motors and Controllers available. At the core of these motors is a power dense rotor/stator cartridge manufactured by Borg Warner’s Remy division. EV4U Custom Conversions not only provides gas-to-electric conversion services and parts, but also exhaustive educational resources for home mechanics planning a conversion project. The Cascadia Motion design features a sealed, self contained, self pumped internal oil cooling system that allows both the stator and rotor of the motor to be actively cooled. The peak performance of these brushless motors are very closely proportional to the system bus (battery) voltage. Become a New Electric partner and be eligible for subsidies. Our drivetrain is certified and will pass the Dutch test. Their data-driven, research-led technology represents the cutting edge of the electric vehicle conversion industry, and DIYev developed the first all-electric drivetrain to use the original manufacturer’s transmission and parts. Their three-day workshops at their California facility include classroom instruction, hands-on experience and more. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. And, incredibly, you can build it in a week! What would your dream conversion car be? Imagine bolting on a pickup bed, camper shell, or racks. EV Source LLC - Located in Logan, UT, this company provides high-quality electric vehicle components to the high performance, high voltage EV conversion market. They are capable of moving a 3500 pound vehicle … “It’s not just a high school class, it’s something you take with you,” commented a student from Venture Academy in California. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The Industry's Highest Power Density in Motor Control, The Rinehart Motion Systems Power Inverters, 20.6" W x 15.4" L x 3" H / 523mm W x 391mm L x 75mm H, Note: Inverter is monitored and controlled via CAN bus, For new Vehicle Customer Projects, OEM Projects, Reserving an e-Moto, becoming a Dealer Installer and Investment, 300kW / 400HP Peak with proper system voltage under load, 175kW Continuous with capable cooling system. The open cockpit provides an exhilarating experience and excellent visibility for safety.  New Electric on maps. Drive trains available for all type of cars, All drive trains certified for EU regulations, Full service conversion or separate plug & play kit, Scalable battery pack to meet your range requirements, Drivetrain optimized for power or for range. These cookies do not store any personal information. This Northern California company provides electric vehicle conversions at reasonable prices, with basic packages starting at $20,000. The prices are an estimate including material and labor in one of our locations, excluding VAT: Prices can fluctuate depending on the cost of material and extra options that are needed or requested by the customer. For more than 30 years, Canadian Electric Vehicles (CEV) has offered electric conversion services to commercial customers, with much of their business devoted to transforming tugs, trucks and carts for airline and industrial use. 1019AJ Amsterdam We Dive In, Hybrid vs Electric Cars: When To Choose One or the Other. 280kW / 375HP peak power with capable drive Inverter and Battery voltage under load. This fully prepares you to convert your own vehicle or even start your own conversion business. Their site features books, technical papers, spec calculators, a parts catalog and more. The road worthiness certification must be done by the owner. All work takes place in their Southern California facility, and the team will convert your existing vehicle or assist you in locating the perfect candidate for conversion. Electric Vehicle conversion. Expect your conversion to take about three months to complete. Pick your battery system — budget lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion, from 10kWh to 30kWh battery packs. 144V Complete Electric Car Conversion Kit, EV Conversion, Boat Conv., w/Regen! All of our motor and controller packages are fully sealed (IP67) and liquid cooled for high levels of continuous power. All Rights Reserved. Besides cars, we also have a look at the shop's solar array and the "Powerwall" energy storage that it feeds into. The company’s electric motor drivetrain kits are easy to install right out of the box; simply bolt them to the existing internal combustion engine mount and add battery modules as desired to extend your range. Get Switched On—Specs and Options— DIY kit $14,000–$30,000 complete, depending on performance and range options; $6,950 without electrical components Sporty rack-and-pinion steering; center, left-, or right-hand driver position Accepts wide range of DC and AC motors 3-wheel disc brakes, independent front and rear Regenerative braking (with AC motor option) Batteries: Lead-acid or lithium-ion, 10kWh–30kWh Range: 45–135 miles (depending on battery option) Charge time: 2.25 hours per 45 miles, for about $1 (220V 30A power outlet) Gas mileage equivalent: 151 mpge Top speed: Over 100mph (with AC motor option) Acceleration: 0–60mph in 9 seconds (or faster with gearing options) Turn radius: 38′ or less Weight: 1,350lbs (3-seater option) Chain drive standard, belt drive optional Street legal, registered as a motorcycle — but doesn’t require helmet or motorcycle driver’s license! The manufacturing model deepens as regional economies develop, starting with a fully welded chassis kit and expanding into welding or laser-cutting parts to spec as the market grows.