I'm having trouble staying alive though so far (lvl 10) because it is so fun I tend to get too aggressive. Yesterday I crafted a dual blade dagger with +3 guard on hit, and some armor that has a 10% chance to activate a 4 hit Hidden Blades. For instance, this Long-range striking ability’s cool-down time is 8 seconds, the explosive shot being 12 seconds, and the full drawn is 24 seconds. [Edit] To be clear: Armor penetration is not bad (it's actually good), but it's non-optimal for gear. As many chances as you get, attack from Stealth. Nevertheless, additional abilities from the Subterfuge trees and Sabotage can also come in handy. For instance, the ‘Easy to miss’ and ‘Death from Above’ will work if you are positioned, either on the side or higher ground from your enemy. This guide focuses on how to build your class using a combination of standard skills from the Subterfuge, Sabotage, and Double Dagger skill trees, and new active and passives from the Assassin specialization tree for Rogue. If you’re a Dual Wield Rogue, for your first ring slot when it comes to the Dragon Age Inquisition best Rogue equipment, you’ll want the Superb Ring of Flanking, which provides +20% Flanking Damage. Doesn't hook chain only work to close in on enemies? For other accessory options check out the full Dragon Age Inquisition Best Accessories Guide. The archery tree’s full drawn ability helps in higher damage on the first strike to uninjured enemies. The Full Draw ability gives you +800% Damage to uninjured enemies. Playing as the Rogue class in Dragon Age: Inquisition gives you the chance to develop an Archer build. I'm no expert but it seems pretty useful. Hook and Tackle is absolutely stunning as a Rogue Archer with Leaping Shot. Cunning (on unlock) is +3.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'nexgengame_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',120,'0','0'])); Long Shot – an Active ability that gains power with greater distance from your enemies. Almost all of our unlocked skills at this point are required. As an Archer Rogue, your Dragon Age Inquisition best Rogue equipment option for your first ring slot is a Superb Ring of Critical Damage, which boosts Critical Damage by 20%. You will automatically critical hit a target this way. Mostly due to Flask of Ice only working in an area around you. The Shadowhunter Bow is a Level 10 Item with a +12% Flanking Damage Bonus, and a +25% faster Stealth speed. For your second ring slot, whether you’re a Dual Wield Rogue or an Archer Rogue, the best-in-slot ring is The Hand That Cuts, which increases Critical Damage by 20% while also contributing to the set bonus you get with the other Trespasser accessories. I really found hook and tackle with upgrade to be mandatory with mine. The Long Shot ability costs 50 stamina points, the Explosive Shot costs 35 points, the Full Draw costs 65 points, and the Poisoned Weapons and Stealth abilities each cost 20 points. It will give you +200% Weapon Damage, and a +600% Damage Bonus at 15 meters. The following steps will help you make a high DPS character, rarely hit by opponents, and use the best equipment available. But I always try and save evade for "Oh Shit" moments. Excellent willpower should be 15-20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_gXfnexeho. This game major on your skill points, and trying to pursue both makes your character less effective. First Blood – a Passive ability that does more damage to uninjured or slightly injured opponents. ], Someone give me a build to survive nightmare! For more information on the best Rogue armor, check the full Dragon Age Inquisition Best Armor Guide. That about covers it when it comes to the Dragon Age Inquisition Best Rogue Equipment. You will want to use the “Stunning Shot” upgrade – the enemy Sleep Duration will be 20 seconds. By the time you finish the third flask, the first should be off cool down and you can start again.