Cover and let the mixture sit for 12 hours. Copyright © 2020, get the plants, seeds and bulbs on Amazon, 7 Ways to Naturally Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs, Paper Fleas - All About These Mythical Insects. Spray your lawn and garden area with garlic water lightly to drive away those tiny fleas. It can also be used while vacuuming the carpet. Here’s what you need to do: On a bowl of warm water, add an ample amount of dish washing liquid and stir well. Here’s what you need to do: Preheat your oven to 375 degrees F. Let the beef bouillon dissolve in a pot of boiling water. Here’s what you need to do: Get 2 cups of distilled water in a metallic container and boil it. We’d love to hear from you! These fleas might be small but their bites are terrible. Use this DIY flea shampoo on your pets when you give them a bath to get rid of your tiny nemesis. Fleas need a humidity of 70-75% for hatching and 50% humidity for surviving. Strain the liquid and put it into a garden sprayer. Not only does it hinder the presence of flees, it gives a fresh and beautiful smell to your puppy. Mix all the ingredients to create firm dough. Such soaps are rich in peppermint oil which is a natural insecticide. Use this spray on your pet’s fur to have a quick removal of fleas. Here’s what you need to do: Add 5 to 6 drops of eucalyptus and wintergreen oil to a cup of water. They repel fleas inside and outside the house to keep your home from being infested. Mix a couple of drops of lavender oil in 5 table spoon of water. Here’s what you need to do: Grab a good whole lemon and slice it thinly. They will voluntarily leave your house once they spot the familiar scent of this plant that they hate. Mix it thoroughly and put the liquid into an empty spray bottle. Make sure you don’t add too much garlic as it is not good for your dog. For a natural option try bay leaves, which contain an aromatic compound that repels fleas. Sulphur 30 c in water can be used effectively against pesty parasites like fleas and other insects. Neem– The neem tree has been used for centuries in India to treat microbial infections as well as … Keep grass and other plants in your backyard garden clipped especially in portions of the home where your pet loves to spend its time. Here’s what you need to do: Search the entirety of your pet and look for the areas affected by fleas. Also vacuum the room after keeping the room undisturbed overnight. Place the thin slices in a pint of water and heat until it is boiled. Organic rose bar soap is a very effective natural repellant which also makes the fur super soft and shiny. It has fossilized remnants of a type of rigid-shelled algae called diatoms. Here’s what you need to do: Fill a shaker with 1 cup of boric acid. Just remember to switch out the leaves every few months. Veterinarian Dr. Carol Osborne suggests the following two recipes: Cut … Dried pennyroyal is an excellent de-worming agent and a well known insect repellant. Careful not to let it be in reach of kids or pets as it can be harmful to them. Another potent remedy is staphysagaria 6c with water. Be careful not to put too much salt on as it may irritate your dog’s skin. Let the paste cool. Fleas from carpets, floors and furniture can be removed using a good vacuum cleaner. These are used as remedy for wounds and bites. Here’s what you need to do: Place 8 heads of chopped garlic in an extra large soup pan and pour 1 gallon of almost boiling water over the top. It is available in all grocery stores. Add a bit of this mixture to your dog’s food regularly to ensure a flee-free pet even after long walks in the woods and other flea infested areas. The powder dehydrates by absorbing the lipids out of the outermost layer of the insects’ exoskeletons. Regularly water your backyard to make the environment suitable for the nematodes to thrive. Let it dry on its own. After that the sprinkled mixture should be swept over the carpet using a broom. Here’s yet another way to kill off almost all the fleas in your poor pets fur. 100 ml of alcohol or pure alcohol is an excellent remedy. They pester you around all year but they come in full force during summer when it’s warmer. Add some egg yolks and add the bouillon water you boiled earlier while stirring. Bay leaves are a natural flea repellent. You can spray it everywhere with no worries because it is non-toxic and leave it be for two days. You can also use distilled water to remove fleas. Aromatherapy oils are strong insect repellents. Boric acid is an insecticide as well as an antiseptic. Dried bay leaves can also be folded into clothing. It’s a great remedy to plant bay leaves in your kennel and garden for a year round protection from fleas. After following these procedures, you will enjoy a flea-free home with your pets and children. Add boiled water to the puree to make it paste like. You have entered an incorrect email address! It nourishes the dog’s hair and skin and refreshes the dog. It is soft and crumbled into very fine white powder. Alcohol, distilled water, and various oils spray. Baking Soda and Salt. Rosemary’s scent is so strong thatyou can sprinkle sprigs around thegarden to keep pests at bay. Pour 5-10 drops of this mix on your dog’s collar. About 200 ml of distilled water should be sprayed on the dog’s skin. Strain the product and discard the leaves. Use a blender to make a puree out of lemon, orange and grape peels. Coconut oil can be given to your pets to refresh them and to improve their overall fitness. About 240 ml of apple cider vinegar, 120 ml of warm water ,0.5 tablespoon of salt and 0.5 table spoon of baking soda are mixed together and the resulting potion is sprayed on the pet’s skin and it is left to dry naturally. Here’s what you need to do: Sprinkle the DE wherever fleas exist. The process should be repeated every time you take your pet for a stroll. Rather than killing the pests, this mixture makes the pet skin less prone to these bugs. Here’s what you need to do: In an unused clean spray bottle, add ¼ distilled white vinegar to ¾ of water. 12. Prevention is better than cure – how to keep your dog safe from fleas? A handful of lemons are boiled in water and a couple of tea spoons of salt are added to the mixture, and it’s allowed to cool. Coconut oil. Spray on the counters and surfaces that might be swarming with fleas. Added advantage is that it has a wonderful smell. Sugar ants, one of the most common household pest, can also be repelled by sprinkling bay leaves in feeding areas and near the cracks and crevices insects use to … It’s non-toxic so it’s completely safe to use. You can also dust it all over your house to prevent fleas from infesting your home.