The moisture, salt, and acid buildup around the frets can cause dry rot in the wood. Hope that the information of how to clean a guitar fretboard can create a long-lasting link between you with your lovely guitar. Catch up on… Hence, you need to slack or remove the strings to do the deep cleaning for both the neck and body of the guitar. If you have an ebony wood or rosewood fret board, you may see some white and greenish flakes on the neck. However, maple fretboards usually have some sort of finish applied. So, followings are detailed instruction of. Is this something you can do yourself? The strings run across the fretboard from the nut to the bridge. Again, don’t use a good microfiber cloth for this. When I first started playing, I read that you should never remove all the strings at the same time. You can soak this cloth in warm water; then, wring out the cloth. I’m Alex Frank who has worked sound technology industry for 10 years now. When you play, believe it or not, your skin can flake off. All of them push the wire to be corrosive faster than usual. Although the others show perfect abrasion against dirties, they struggle the durability of the wood. Lemon oil has the same problem. For a solution to clean the guitar fretboard, there are three main types including chemical cleaners, chemical mixing creams, and oil cleaners. Now go to work on your frets. Enjoy! Today, I start with a two-part series on cleaning your guitar. Then, you use a vacuum cleaner to get the dirt which you have already scraped and turned to the next step. By following the steps above, you will improve your guitar’s durability, tone quality and its appearance without having to call on a guitar technician. If you want to learn how to clean a guitar fretboard, we got you covered. Instead, here are the products I recommend: Planet Waves Hydrate By completing all steps, the final one of the process is to insert the strings into their position and put the guitar in the bag till the following usage. Don’t let your ignorance waste your instrument investment. These flakes are dead skin. In the meantime, your guitar is now in better shape and ready to be played. However, when mixing with the sweat from hands, the dust becomes dirties. If you don’t, they can cause damage to other parts of your guitar. The only way to do this is to learn to clean it. Home Bass Guitar Care And Maintenance How to Clean the Fretboard Effectively at Home If you love your instrument, then it is in your best interest to keep it in top playing condition. Fretboard conditioner such as Planet Waves Hydrate. Your email address will not be published. But not every guitarist pays much attention to this. Over time they build up and create thicker wads of gunk. Cleaning your fretboard is, therefore, necessary to maintain your guitar’s health and longevity. Just place the cover over each fret, making sure no wood is exposed, then polish the fret. Ridiculously, some individuals crumple newspapers or take advantage of vacuum cleaners to clean the fretboard. Over time, these outcomes will corrode the wire material and create a buildup of dirties. The 13 Best Guitar Apps That You Will ACTUALLY USE In 2016. As long as you do the cleaning regularly, both the quality and the sound of the guitar stays a perfect tune for years. Do this as you are cleaning the wood. And, also on this guitar component, fingers perform at most. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. While it doesn’t look real dirty, the soft cloth I used to clean it came out dirtier than I expected. However, there is a note that the solvent should be far from the flame since it is easy to cause a fire which is freaking dangerous for both the instrument and the human being.