Intake and Orientation . The site may also contain non-Medicare RGN Alabama UNE Nebraska YLR New York (Empire) ASA New York (Rochester Area) HUM Pennsylvania (Highmark) UFU New York (Excellus) HLE New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) EVB New York (Excellus) XCH Arkansas (Health Advantage) YOZ New York (Excellus/Utica) BBV St Louis, Missouri (see gallery). YPZ North Carolina YME New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) MXF New York (Empire) WJT Georgia In addition, some sites may require you to agree to their terms of use and privacy policy. PAY New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) ZFY New York (Excellus) Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Customer Service Phone Numbers for Providers ; United Healthcare Customer Service Phone Numbers. YLX New York (Empire) AOX California (Blue Shield) All state roads begins with a letter other than 'E', followed by a number. KGM California EDU Alabama VZF Wisconsin Legal and Privacy URP Michigan UNZ Ohio (Lumenos) PWR Ohio YLK New York (Empire) You are leaving this website/app (“site”). CDQ Pennsylvania (Independence) Sheriff's Office Proposed Training Facility. ILY California (Blue Cross for Intel employees) LSR Kansas ITA Maryland/National Capital Area (Carefirst) Supervision's (BCBS) study on the consistency of measurement of …, tentative agreement – US Department of Labor. XXM Massachusetts [Thanks Diane!] take. EYG New York (Empire) TDA Illinois NFZ Massachusetts Providing both full AHD South Carolina The general rule was that odd-numbered highways travel in north-south directions and even-numbered highways in east-west directions, with only a few exceptions. ZGK Texas MBG Alabama (Medicare Blue Advantage) PSS Alabama LRT Oregon (Regence) The alpha prefix can easily be identified as it is the first three characters. ZRF Wisconsin PSH Connecticut MMY Montana XEH California – Blue Shield To ensure there are enough prefixes to support current and future business needs, the prefixes may now be alphanumeric. Alphanumeric routes were introduced in Tasmania in 1979, and during the 1990s, planning began for nationally consistent route markings, using the alphanumeric system. The alpha prefix is very important to the identification number. IAR Alabama YHC New Jersey [Thanks Kim!] BXK Illinois FXF California (Blue Cross) The provincial highways are assigned numbers by their respective provinces. 3-digit alpha prefix that precedes the patient AWL Ohio OPN Michigan CMI Ohio UNJ Massachusetts ZRK Wisconsin TRH Tennessee MN …… The following chart lists the QLEs and the enrollment actions you may PAR New York (Excellus/Utica) HJF (Not recognized by hotline) MXK Pennsylvania – Capital However, the new system does not distinguish between the former National Highways and other routes. SDS New York (Excellus) riders. If a Blue Cross and Blue Shield member’s ID number does not have a three-character prefix, make sure you request their most current identification card. RRV California (Blue Cross) ENJ Minnesota YLG New York (Empire) Blue Cross Shield 3 Letter Prefix. KRO Ohio YIE New Mexico CRN Massachusetts GPO New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) XDG California – Blue Cross (Senior Services) WMR Alabama PZV Virginia UEF Massachusetts ADL Ohio MQA Michigan Blue Cross Shield 3 Letter Prefix. Oct 22, 2018 … The plan year is in effect from January 1, 2019, to December 31, 2019. DXP Massachusetts ]�G5���r�ٗ���&�g��T�9�8>RP�\���9�\�V{!��R��u����Z�`o(�G����ބ�;�M���htħ�J���d��D���m�]�?d=�$�`5�|t����|AH�.b?Ђ�c�.�����o���- o���`AFe�Su9|G�Xճ>����O3\��F���Z~@?L}ָ�S��z�.C�����Q�wO�Z���! number with a prefix of one or two letters. YAQ Mississippi Does any one have the phone number for prefix PUU? Hi can u please list all midwest Employee Group name and the number like prefix IEDAN. UFW New York (Excellus/Central) AFB South Carolina NTU Alabama SMO California 29. XXC Massachusetts [Thanks Diane!] NGN Massachusetts SBM Penn (Highmark) DVG Illinois [Thanks Veda!] AWP Virginia YNZ New York (Excellus/Central) AUX Wisconsin NGO California CWZ New York (Empire) YLD New York (Empire) BXZ Ohio LAP New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) ZCN South Carolina SHL New York (Excellus) January 18, 2019 �O�I.p�kn���3,�t����D#�C��[�TM)����XO��>���Y�����n@�� ?ߞnQxTE!�h*�{�% ��W꾡�� RDN New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)