The red area without numbers indicates extreme danger. Satellite, Climate In Talma– 16 houses destroyed, 38 houses damaged, eight mobile homes destroyed, two mobile homes damaged, two churches destroyed, one school damaged, five barns destroyed, three barns damaged, five other structures destroyed, 10 other structures damaged, 10 automobiles destroyed or damaged. Probabilistic Snowfall Unreinforced, non-load bearing masonry walls (12 in. The average speed of the tornado was approximately 55 mph, with a path width of up to one half mile. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! FWA Daily Below is an excerpt from Engineering Aspects of the Tornadoes of April 3-4 1974 by Mehta, KC et al describing some of the damage inflicted on schools in Monticello. The 23-year-old wore Westwood to her wedding rehearsal in summer of last year, proving the designer is a favourite of the former dancer. The school tornado plan called for building occupants to move to first floor hallways away from outside doors; this plan would have assured protection of building occupants, if warning times would have permitted planned movements of people.”. Precip Reports Social Media Feeds A significant missile incident at the Twin Lakes school involves a steel wide-flange beam which formed the roof support along the western edge of a second story classroom. WSR-88D For Fulton County as a whole – 114 houses destroyed, 185 houses damaged, 34 mobile homes destroyed, seven mobile homes damaged, four churches destroyed, seven industrial buildings damaged, two schools damaged, 45 barns destroyed, 11 barns damaged, 64 other structures destroyed, 19 other structures damaged, one motel destroyed, 90 automobiles and trucks damaged or destroyed. Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. A major milestone was reached in the operational detection of severe weather when the hook echo was first observed by radar and shown to be associated with tornadogenesis (Stout and Huff 1953; Forbes 1981).Subsequent studies examining radial velocities based on Doppler radars measurements were able to resolve the mesocyclone and the tornadic-vortex signature (TVS), which can be … April 3, 1974 will always be remembered as the date of the worst tornado outbreak during the 20th century. Numerous buildings were heavily damaged including the Monsanto plant and Perry School. The model added her signature gold jewellery with a red Westwood bag and some Nike Air Force 1s.. concrete block with brick facing), which formed the south and west external walls of the gymnasium (extending from the roof of the first floor dressing rooms to the roof level of the gym) toppled outward. Watch/Warning In reality, as the first of the tornado lifted, the second touched down, just west of Brookston. As in the Meadowlawn School, hallways would have proved to be safe havens for school children in the Twin Lakes school. Details Report for: 19-2021.00 - Atmospheric and Space Scientists. This information is a very valuable observational tool, which can be useful in research. The same thunderstorm produced a series of 9 tornadoes across Illinois and Indiana, known as the Monticello tornado family. The combined path length of all tornadoes during this period was approximately 2500 miles with 315+ fatalities, over 5000 injuries, and an estimated $600+ million loss (in 1974 dollars). How to use meteorology in a sentence. The Monticello tornado was originally rated as having an impressive 121 mile path length from southeast Benton County to La Grange County (IN). Traveling northeast into Kosciusko County, the tornado produced significant damage from Atwood to Leesburg, after which the tornado crossed Dewart Lake and Lake Wawasee, continuing the trail of damage and destruction. Multiple locations were found. In city of Rochester – 29 houses destroyed, 88 houses damaged, one school damaged, 14 other structures destroyed, six other structures damaged, 40 automobiles destroyed or damaged.