This makes this blanket the best cotton blanket for summer. I tend to get really hot when I sleep so this light weight down comforter is perfect. But the woven basket weave pattern design also makes it sleek, modern, and super pretty — you won't mind leaving one or two on your couch. After all, it’s better to experience its benefits first before considering it as a great gift to others. Utopian cotton is designed to eliminate shedding or fading, so you can be sure of a great looking blanket for many years to come.

Best Summer Blanket Details . That way, you can take a nice snooze without waking up sweaty and uncomfortable.

It can also change the weight of the blanket which should be lightweight as much as possible. But, if you’re allergic to the microfiber itself, you want to buy a blanket that you can wash in hot water because it’ll remove any allergens. Obviously, you will not want the weight of a heavy winter blanket, so lighter weight materials are used. It’s soft and wicks away moisture, making it a favorite in children’s rooms. Fleece: If you’re looking for a warm but lightweight blanket, fleece is the right material for you. It can also be tumble dried, but you need to use a low setting to avoid possible shrinkage. You can use it alone or as an additional layer with your other bedding. They’re lighter and thinner than a traditional down comforter. This blanket has an all-cotton construction that offers exceptional warmth and softness, adding another warmth layer without feeling bulky or constructed. So happy I purchased it. It has a box stitch construction that helps to ensure that the filling doesn’t bunch up when you wash it.

Vellux blankets are designed to offer exceptional softness and warmth.

Choosing the best summer blanket may not be as easy as ABC but it’s worth the time and effort.

The best summer blanket will also wick moisture away from the body to avoid feeling hot and clammy.

Everyone Loves Summer Blankets To Cool Them Down When It Gets Hot At Night. So happy I took a chance on this!!".

This 100 percent polyester polar fleece blanket is very soft and luxurious. So, rather than focusing on the thread count, you should look at the quality of the material. With a choice of neutral color shades, the PHF blanket is ideal for beds, couches or chairs to ensure great comfort at any time of the year.

It’s machine washable, so cleaning it is easy and fast. Widely known as a very soft fabric that is softer than the Egyptian cotton, this summer blanket offers many benefits.

It can be used as a light blanket for those hot summer nights, or an additional layer for those cold ones that are hard to get through. It is very thin, lightweight, and breathable so you can use it during the summer months as well as the winter months.

This type of fabric is made from the flax plant that is excellent in wicking away moisture. The sewn-through baffle box construction (with double-needle stitching) ensures the polyfill stays evenly distributed. The DreamTek Summer Down comforter offers fantastic versatility.

19. The breathable fabric is odor-resistant and slightly heavier. Even if it’s summer, the temperature should not hinder you from getting a complete sleep to regenerate your strength. You can even use it to protect your sofa or bed from accidental spills and pet hairs. Additionally, the blanket is machine washable and can be dried in a tumble drier, making it easy care. The material is designed for lasting comfort. Pilling refers to how much your blanket will form little balls of excess fuzz after they’ve gone through the washing machine. But, there are thousands of different blankets to choose from, and they all offer something slightly different.

The DreamTek comforter is a sleek comforter available in three sizes that can be used in summer and moderate climates. It weighs in at just two pounds, and it’s great to use by itself or as an extra layer on colder nights.

You can choose from our different sizing options and 10 different colors. Other Key Points of Consideration . Sign up for PureWow to get more daily discoveries sent straight to your inbox. Drying: If the blanket is suitable for tumble drying, be sure to use a cool cycle to prevent shrinkage. This blanket comes in a variety of colors to go with any decor you have.

If that's not a high-tech summer blanket, we don't know what is.