For example, if you’re using a 10-degree quilt but your sleeping pad only has an R-Value of 2.6, chances are you’re probably still going to be cold on a 20-degree night. Also, if it’s cinched down properly, you’re not going to roll off your pad. It requires a sleeping pad with a good R-Value to create an insulation barrier between you and the ground. The Bandit incorporates this concept as well as allowing for zone filling. All three were topquilts as opposed to more traditional sleeping bags. Required fields are marked *. This blanket can be a perfect choice for backpacking or you can use it as a top quilt for hammock camping. All Cedar Ridge products come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. With the quilt inside the stuff sack, it has a diameter of 6.5 inches and a height of 11 inches. Go ahead and contact them! When you’re using a thicker pad with a proper R-Value like the NeoAir XLite, they make pad straps that will go around your pad, and then the sides of the quilt have little buckles that attach to that strap where it will come down and create a cocoon with the quilt and the sleeping bag trapping in all that warmth at night. If weird isn’t your thing, don’t worry there are plenty of normal color options as well. Next question…are they bear proof? The ripstop nylon shell has a DWR treatment to protect the insulation from the elements. (I’m assuming they do since backpackers recommend them over regular sleeping bags. 1. 4 oz.Rated to: 32°FFill: 650-fill-power NIKWAX Hydrophobic downDimensions: 79 x 49.5 in.Pack size: 10 x 7 in. Backpackers who have gone with the Cedar Ridge LeConte Topquilt rave about the excellent service received from Warren at Cedar Ridge. It all comes down to trying things out in the field and figuring out what’s going be the best for you and promote the best sleep on the trail. Big Agnes Kings Canyon UL Quilt is conceived and constructed for ultralight warm-weather trips where room to sprawl is desired. It’s not the quilt that’s making you cold, it’s the low R-Value of the pad and allowing the ground to suck the heat right out of you. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Best Quilts for Backpacking – Real Deal Recommendations. One of the main reasons I made the switch to the quilt is because I do toss and turn a lot when I’m sleeping at night on the trail. Kenny, thank you. Especially when you need to go to the loo in the dark and you can’t get out of your sleeping bag! This means you can add extra down into certain zones where you need it the most according to your sleep style. The material is a 20D ripstop nylon that has DWR coating, which makes it water-resistant. It’s because you don’t have to blow it up and put it right on the top of your pack and it’s pretty easy to use. They can also secure the quilt to a sleeping pad using the included snap patches. The shell of this blanket has a DWR (durable water repellent) coating, which protects it from spills and weather. These are wonderful options to consider when I decide to get serious about getting back on the trail and I’ll be sure to bookmark this page for easy reference while shopping next spring! That being said, if you plan on frequently backpacking in temperatures that will dip below freezing (32ºF/0ºC) a quilt may not be a good option because it makes it a little harder to control heat loss. It is made of a durable 20D ripstop nylon that blocks wind and cold well and the 400g synthetic insulation keeps you warm and comfortable throughout the night. It is like what you would be willing to spend on a bed, but that you travel with. Thank you. After weeks sifting through this mountain of information, conducting surveys, and asking backpackers from around the world so you don’t have to, the overwhelming answer from the backpacking community is, “go with a topquilt.”. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
In this article, we will look at the best camping quilts in 2020. All that aside, by far the most compelling reason to buy a LeConte is the customer service. By far the best value currently available among the growing number of custom quilt manufacturers. The top three sleeping bags recommended by real, everyday backpackers were actually quilts. This recycled synthetic insulation is soft and compressible. Thank you for finding the best options of sleeping bags, this article will also be helpful for hunters spending winter nights camping to get that early morning deer. Check out the other reviews on my site if you want to see some more options that would be great, useful gifts for his trip. Thank you for this comparison and heads up about using quilts for backpacking as the consensus recommendation. Adding a quilt to your sleep system quiver expands your options for camping year-round. And they are even easier to transport, because they are lighter than sleeping bags! They also offer fast track quilts that ship the next business day for those who don’t want to wait for custom quilts. I used to get really frustrated when I would try rolling over and it felt like the bag would get all tangled up. I imagine that the prices are fair considering that this would be the primary sleeping place. Quilts are usually much lighter and they pack down much smaller. For example, if you often have cold feet while you sleep, you can order your Bandit with extra down in the foot box to provide for increased insulation in that area.