Besides the project being so easy that all you need to do is drill a few holes, the finished swing looks great too! You’ll need a fair share of tools for this project – a miter saw, bar clamps, a power drill, a router and a random orbital sander. The same goes for application. See the picture below. This woodworking project doesn’t even require any power drills or the like. It should be able to hold the piece firmly. Here’s a great beginner woodworking project that is extremely practical. First time workers definitely need some guidance to help them with the process. Here’s another project for wine lovers. With this floating wine bottle holder, your first question is probably “how.” Not about how to make it exactly but how it works. Learn more about this DIY:​​​​ ​​​​ I’ve got a complete tutorial on this project including pictures and tips for the entire process. It discusses various items used, steps and tips and personal experience of the author who personally built a Zigzag shelf. Anyways, I am starting to love it. Clever, isn’t it? There are many methods to how you can store your makeup brushes but the most advisable of all that many professional makeup artists would swear by is keeping them upright at all times if possible. They are using pine wood to build this doormat. Wooden cutting boards can come expensive especially when it carries a big brand name. ​This DIY tutorial on this project details the very easy process of creating an oversized dice. You can follow any of the tutorials to make a wooden sofa sleeve with cup holder at home. And if I can make this, you too can make one yourself. A wall rack can be used to hang kitchen accessories, tools, and other small items. Do you have an old wooden dresser at home that you are no longer using? So you can store drinks, and other stuff in the half barrel of your table and then close or open it whenever you need. 53. pinned by moderators. The same idea could easily be applied for making something bigger, such as a coffee table. What I love about this project is that it really is super simple, but it looks amazing. Apart from being able to store more bottles of wine, this DIY wine rack is also easier to make with less tools and materials and even less steps to complete. You can make a really beautiful coffee table from that old whiskey barrel in a few easy steps. You’ll be cutting notches from 1/4″ plywood, and a few curves which can be done with a jig saw if you don’t have a band saw yet. I have never tried building this one, mostly because I don’t own an iPhone, but also because making this item is not an easy task. Super Simple Beginner Woodworking Projects. 8. From appearance alone, it’s not that difficult to figure out. Or you can take this even further and use some other wood, such as pine. So I am here sharing a great tutorial to help you to build a nice comfy platform bed that you can use anywhere in the house. Free Easy Woodworking Projects For Beginners: 1. Read the tips or search for more tutorials if you have any confusion in any step. This doormat is … To make this, visit: ​​ 3. 123. Here’s another “stand” that can do more than just hold your phone upright. It’s all a learning process to find out what works, what you like the best, and what looks the best. Other than marking and cutting the wood, nailing them together is what would complete the whole process. This tutorial is easy enough for even beginners to understand and follow. This is a must-have for every wine-lovers home! Or just search the internet and maybe you get lucky enough to find a tutorial for this. In this video, the step-by-step procedure is mentioned. The tutorial also explains how to build the tray for the blocks. Here is another link to a video tutorial that does the same task, but in a different way. And the only tools you’ll need are a drill, a Kreg Jig and a miter saw. Is it awesome or what? Wooden Wine Rack. If you like decorating your home with rustic looking wood, this is a great beginner wood project for you. To build the swing, you’re going to need some wood planks, wooden beads, rope and a few other items that you probably have laying around the house already. This adorable pencil holder fixes that problem once and for all. This page may have affiliate links. Cookbook Stand or Tablet Holder. Practical and gorgeous – this one really is a heart-stealer! Although easy, a doormat is an equally important and useful item for households. Better yet, it’s a budget-friendly project! Scrap Plywood Candle Holders. All that effort is worth it! And it is also very easy to build one. In a similar way, show some state pride! Use only good quality stain and finish as you will most probably be using this doormat outside the house where it is expected to see a lot of rough use. Here, we will discuss how to make a coffee table from a whiskey barrel. This particular project uses plywood, glue, nails, and paint. Similar wooden houses like these have been sold even in Etsy before, but you can bet these DIY decorations will cost you a lot less – they cost virtually nothing! The final product looks so beautiful that I just couldn’t wait to make one for myself. Love the contrast of navy blue and brushed aluminum! If you do not like this particular idea, there are many other re-purposeful furniture items you can build from an old dresser. More details over at​​:​ ​ This one uses a drill though, but it’s still not that advanced of a tool than other woodworking projects would require. But in my family, I have plenty of winos, winies, wineyards, or whatever you call people who drink wine! But if you still face any issue while working on this DIY project, feel free to ask in the comment section below. So what are waiting for? Isn’t it wonderful that your old wood pallets can be reused to build something so beautiful and useful? Learn to make this yourself​​: ​​​​​ This was also my first ever wooden sofa sleeve cup holder that I built myself. So I am here sharing an article link that gets the closest. ​Full details of the plans on:​​​​ Here is what you get: Why would you buy a costly platform bed from Ikea or somewhere else when you can make one yourself at home? So instead I decided to build myself one. Some of the projects below can be completed in a weekend and others in just a few hours, either way all the projects will help y… Wall planters are great for getting your greens up off the ground, which keeps your vegetation away from bugs, critters, etc.. Plus, it adds some really nice decoration to an otherwise boring, unused exterior wall. Not only is it fitting for a cookbook, you could also use it as a tablet stand – that way you can watch cooking videos from Youtube easily. As opposed to the ladder’s almunium and fiberglass counterparts, this wooden take on it can be seen all over interior blogs and Pinterest boards. Collect the items as suggested in the video and start working now. Yes, a workbench. Once you have the tools and materials, the rest is easy: cut the pieces according to the cut list, create the frames, x-s and shelves, then assemble all pieces together. But her way works too, just do what you want. Propping them up on an equally special décor piece like this DIY wooden picture holder cube is personalization at its best. Other than that, the detailed tutorial makes it incredibly easy to replicate this cool desk organizer yourself! Therefore, I am including this basic video that I found on YouTube that demonstrates the process of making corner wall wooden shelves. There are certain ways you can improve the look of your home without doing a full makeover. Know that these are two different tutorials and will probably result in making two different platform beds. He’s using basic material (pine and plywood), and really basic joinery techniques. Log in. This is one of those things that you never know you need unless you have one. You can choose the wood type, color and design as you like for your project. The absolute hardest step is cutting the triangles which need to have 30 and 120 degree angles. These things are not only beautiful, but they can comfortably hold any sized mobile and ensure proper safety. This guy clearly has done this a time or two. It is absolutely loveable. You can also alter the length of the wooden pieces to fit a particular space. The strength and design of the shelf depends on how properly you build it. 6. Depending on the type of birds you get, you’ll be able to hear some songs, watch them build their home and raise a family, which can be very relaxing and peaceful. This is especially handy if you’d like to hang your favorite clothes in reach, without digging through the closet every time but this could work perfectly for hanging your accessories as well! But what you’ll find out is that even if you do things in this fashion, as long as you structure the project for strength and good support, then sand it and put a decent looking finish on it, you can make anything look awesome.