Settling for exquisitely detailed typefaces, especially script or display fonts, can resolve legibility and readability issues.

Combining Amagro’s funky appearance with a restrained sans serif is a great way to introduce personality without going overboard. Use this versatile typeface in different font weights and colors for an striking heading that will never disappoint. This historical serif is extremely versatile, and you can set it as headlines, captions, links, buttons, and more. }()); Use them with this color palette and your site will look luxurious, trendy and exclusive. Download the Quicksand font from Google Fonts here. } Suitable for an institution, a traditional wedding website or an NGO. This one is suitable for a solid, assertive and confident business or blog. .trend-item--tempting-typography .cta--images::before, src: url(""); Feminine can mean delicate, elegant, romantic, but also vibrant, strong and powerful. If you prefer a more naive and pretty style or maybe a “spiritual” appearance, then grab this palette with these fonts and you’re done. Download the Bebas Neue typeface from Google Fonts here. This one is chic and vivid.

Legibility and readability are two essential factors to consider when incorporating fonts onto your website. Libre Baskerville is a beautiful serif typeface that can serve both headings and body text. }, * Large-screen icon changes. background: transparent url("");

While Playfair Display’s letterforms give off a playful vibe, this show-stopping typeface makes a statement when paired with the simplistic style of Roboto. img#wpstats{display:none} While its letterforms are simple, Montserrat adds tons of personality to any website. Keep in touch. Even in tribute, I didn't want to name the font after someone who didn't like the way it looked or anything else about the project, so I set out to see him over at John Gilmore's house. background-repeat: no-repeat; If a computer doesn’t have the font that you’re using on a website, the browser may revert to a web-safe option that may obfuscate your overall website design and change its tone and mood.

}, You can apply this font in branding, the composition of books, logos designs, labeling, textual printing on objects, posters designs, banners designs, video titles and other as well. In addition to pairing contrasting styles, you can also find pairs that complement each other. /**

This combination is joyful and sweet. Download the Montserrat font from Google Fonts here. Montserrat may be one of the most gorgeous and versatile typefaces in the Google Fonts collection. One of the most beautiful and cool sans serif typefaces you’ll find in Google Fonts. In addition to offering twelve font variations, Roboto comes with two sister families, Roboto Slab and Roboto Condensed.

Barlow is free software, released under the SIL Open Font License. Download the Barlow typeface from Google Fonts here. This great method of pairing is to find the same typeface in different styles, such as a sans serif and a slab serif variation.

background-image: url(""); Choosing typefaces for one’s website isn’t something that you can do in a matter of hours; even the most advanced designers still have trouble deciding which typefaces to use for their own websites. Created by Santiago Orozco, this geometric sans serif typeface was inspired by the elegant proportions in 1920s typography. src: url(""); You write in your letter something which I sometimes feel also: “Sometimes I do not know how I shall pull through.” Image via LStockStudio. There are thousands of possibilities to choose from, Fonts and colors are accountable for your website’s (and therefore your brand’s) personality. Bebas Neue. .trend-item--everyday-futurism .cta--footage::before { Set Quicksand as an eye-catching header or title treatment, and let Barlow do the rest as copy text. Read on to find ten classic (and free!) Will these fonts and colors really represent my brand? .trend-item--80s-opulence .cta--images::before,

And sometimes there comes relief, sometimes there comes new inner energy, and one rises up from it, till at last, some day, one perhaps doesn't rise up any more, que soit, but that is nothing extraordinary, and I repeat, such is the common human fate, in my opinion. Apply them to your website. .trend-item--yesterdays-tomorrow .cta--footage::before, Neutral colors with clean, geometric and refined typefaces. font-style: normal; Fortunately, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. In the article below we explain the basics of choosing great fonts.

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document.documentElement.classList.add( /** One trend we are seeing a lot of here is a combination of a main typeface with a funky, bold style paired with a softer font (event a script). Each style including with this sans serif font comprises its own versatile looks. background-image: url(""); This combination is modest, elegant and classy. Once you get familiar with how specific fonts apply to professionally designed websites, you can then apply that knowledge to your own website. font-family: 'Frank'; We were greeted by Alden, a designer who Barlow called his squire. Then Work Sans comes in handy for the buttons.

2. This is the Condensed family, which is part of the superfamily along with Normal and Semi Condensed, each with 9 weights in Roman and Italic.
With Barlow, you get the best of both worlds: it’s simple enough to make an impact as a header and easy enough to read as small copy. Download free virtual backgrounds, video clips, images, and music.

Quicksand, created by Andrew Paglinawan, is a sans serif typeface with rounded terminals. }; Both styles complement each other with similar appearances but balance out when paired together. If you’re building your own website and you’re not an experienced designer, you’ve probably already noticed that fonts and colors are a huge deal. font-weight: 400; @font-face { 'page' : { Click to donate. Put it together with Zilla Slab’s smooth curves, a soft color palette, and you’ll get this sophisticated style you’re looking for. });