Give it a try and then scroll back up to see how you did! Well, now that you’re learning Spanish, your life will be a lot easier if you understand these terms. We've also listed a few ways to tell people to shut up, in case you are the one being insulted. | Ana thinks she’s so beautiful, but I don’t think she is. Depending on the situation, you may wish to go with a time honored attack - the fake dog poop approach. If you feel that you have mastered Spanish adjective agreement, and want to do something a bit more challenging, try to form some more complex sentences with the structures given below. Spanish Pronouns & Prepositions Akhila66. Basic Words and Phrases | Introductory Spanish Guide. What is the translation for are you stupid in Spanish? Here are some more common examples of those: el niño pobre | the poor (impoverished) child, mi viejo profesor | my old (former) teacher, mi profesor viejo | my old (aged) teacher, tu única oportunidad | your only opportunity, tu oportunidad única | your unique opportunity, mi nuevo celular | my new (to me) cellphone, mi celular nuevo | my new (from the store) cellphone. OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. All examples are taken from SpanishDict.. Bueno — Good; Beber agua frecuentemente es bueno para la salud. to mean “the beer is cold”. Even though you can’t explicitly see it, you are still talking about it, so the characteristics still need to match up. Spanish adjectives are an essential part of speech, but they can also be a little complicated to master. 12. Classroom Spanish … Please contact your hosting provider to ensure that an up-to-date and valid SSL certificate issued by a Certificate Authority is configured for this domain name on the origin server. Some English examples are happy, bad, small, wise, and interesting. Spanish Phrase Books This is because unlike in English, Spanish adjectives change depending on the gender and number of the noun. Thanks for your understanding. Your email address will not be published. Spanish insults for times when a person's appearance is in question. It ends in -o in its masculine form, and it ends in -a in its feminine form. Spanish 3 Adjectives 27 Terms. In Spanish, adjectives must agree with the noun (or pronoun) they describe in gender and in number. So the English “red house” becomes “casa roja”, and “the baby is sad” follows the same structure as in English: “el bebé está triste”. Additional troubleshooting information here. E.g: Yo quiero el azul. Sramisasi TEACHER. This article will teach you everything you need to know to use them correctly. Mi dinero se volvió rojo. Most of what is here is user-submitted, but I do try to check for accuracy and make corrections as I can. These tend to be superlative adjectives. These forms are increasingly less common, especially in Latin America, and are starting to be changed anyway. Let’s check out this list of simple Spanish adjectives that will most definitely come in handy in your daily life. Your IP: Clozemaster has been designed to help you learn the language in context by filling in the gaps in authentic sentences. Just click on the big yellow button to download the Spanish Learning Package. But you need to remember to use subjunctive in the second clause. How do you say stupid in Spanish? You need to make sure the adjective is masculine and plural. The rules are actually pretty simple, but it can be hard to master and remember in practice. Or instead of “bad”, “the worst”. For example, “rosa” can become “rosado” and “naranja” can become “anaranjado”. — Drinking water frequently is good for your health.. Malo — Bad; Agosto es un mes especialmente malo para los … An adjective is a word that describes a noun. This could indicate an expired SSL certificate or a certificate that does not include the requested domain name. Adjectives with a short form; Influence of Gender and Number in the shortening; Practice; Adjectives with a short form. Intermediate Spanish spanish adjective masculine or masculine+feminine plural – spanish adjective feminine plural; If there is only one word in both the singular and plural spaces, it means the word is not gendered, but neutral. No time to read now? 4. Some Spanish adjectives do not change form from masculine/feminine and singular/plural. How do you say fat in Spanish? karenmorosko. Performance & security by Cloudflare. The list of copulas in Spanish is much longer than English, due to the flexibility of Spanish reflexives. How would you replace the word aquí with the adjective frío (cold) in the correct form? They simply copy the form of the noun they are describing. Can you answer these questions insulting Spanish words or phrases? When this happens, the possessive must have the same ending as the noun. Then why not go with some fake poop in a gift box? Please contact your hosting provider to ensure that an up-to-date and valid SSL certificate issued by a Certificate Authority is configured for this domain name on the origin server. Note: If you’re not familiar with the differences between ser and estar, here is a great article to explain it. How do you say retard in Spanish? Contents . How would you add the adjective feo (ugly) into that phrase? I know many of us don’t remember grade 6 English class and the difference between a noun, adjective, verb, and so on. Click here to start practicing with real Spanish sentences! What is the word for ugly in Spanish? Ana se cree guapísima, pero yo no creo que es. What to Do After Duolingo: The Definitive Guide, Best Way to Learn a Language: A Complete Guide from Beginner to Fluent, Comprehensible Input – How Clozemaster Mirrors Natural Acquisition, How Cloze Tests Help You Learn A Language 5x Faster, Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal - use the discount code BFCM2020 to get 50% off. Spanish Grammar 7. The adjective of each sentence has been bolded to make it easier. Spanish adjectives are an essential part of speech, but they can also be a little complicated for learners to master, especially if you have not studied a similar language before. Los pájaros parecen felices. • The Spanish adjectives you will hear and read very regularly are: Of course, there are thousands more adjectives in Spanish. 2. Leave some on their front porch, leave some on their office chair... the possibilities are endless. • “lo” + adjective + “es que” + subjunctive = the *** thing is that. Again, it will be -os for masculine adjectives, -as for feminine adjectives. With features such as Grammar Challenges, Cloze-Listening, and Cloze-Reading, the app will let you emphasize all the competencies necessary to become fluent in Spanish. *** (By clicking this link, you agree that you are of legal age to read such material.). 9. At the end you’ll find a Quiz and an Exercise for practice. (To find the correct forms, scroll down to the bottom of this blog post or just click here.). Remember that if you need to practise any language skills, Clozemaster is a pretty good place to start! 11. So, we have a feminine, singular noun. | I want the blue one. So, the correct form for “11 ugly cats” in Spanish, is 11 gatos feos. So let’s do a quick recap. Here is your list of 100 Spanish adjectives that you can practice everyday. An adjective is a “describing word”. It’s a word that is used to describe a noun (a person, place, or thing). Additional troubleshooting information here. What is stupid woman in Spanish? Here's how you say it. Cállete el stupido elephante ➔ Shut up you stupid elephant, El burro sabe mas que tu ➔ The donkey knows more than you, Eres tan estupido como un perro ➔ You are as stupid as the dog, Tu madre es una estupida ➔ Your mom is stupid. Before we get started with the adjectives, consider learning some Spanish verbs as well, with this blog post. So to figure out which adjective form to use, you need to first look at the noun you want to describe. In Spanish, adjectives have different endings depending on whether the word they are describing is masculine, feminine, singular or plural.