Bot. 10(1): 163-166. Tax. 10. This dormancy can be induced with cold weather or dry conditions (i.e drought). Some cultivars are grown as vegetable.   2 (1) 11 (9) 5 (4) Inflorescence an axillary raceme, flowers bisexual. The compounds can be found in the urine in as little as 15 minutes after ingesting the vegetable. Root cylindrical or fusiform, sometimes tuberous. Distribution: Europe, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakstan, China (Xinjiang), C and SW Asia, N. W. Africa. By clicking "Sign Up", you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. 1927. . (13)   Often grown as a companion plant to tomatoes as the tomato repels the Asparagus Beetle (Crioceris species), and the asparagus may repel nematodes. Asparagus by skyseeds at a premier Business to Business marketplace and largest online business directory. The cultivated or “domesticated” Asparagus (A. officinalis) can still thrive in maritime conditions. Cut or snap the shoots off at soil level. Pedicel articulated above the middle. We'll occasionally send you account related emails. + + The revenue of the asparagus market in Pakistan amounted to $X in 2018, increasing by X% against the previous year. See more information about the global Asparagus market. MOST PROMISING SUPPLYING COUNTRIES, CHAPTER 6. Asparagus dumosus function hide_DivAuthorInst() If growing from seed, you will need to remove the fruit bearing female plants to avoid the seeds from spreading, along with new Asparagus plants, everywhere around your property.   Revealed Comparative Advantage help ≈ 0.00. This rest period is essential for good shoot production. You can discover details including top producing & exporting countries, real-time market prices, local product varieties, seasonality, production & export volumes, and more. The second position in the ranking was occupied by Thailand ($X), with a X% share of total imports. He did not f ind articulated pedicel, smooth and globose seeds, characteristic of Asparagus. Soc. Tridge is a global sourcing hub that puts together data, network, and people to make cross-border trade happen. Growing from crowns is simpler and faster, but costs more for the plants. At the end of each season, the dried brown plant can be cut back and thrown into the compost pile. In 2018, the country with the highest price was Thailand ($X per tonne), while the price for India stood at $X per tonne. The forecast exhibits the market prospects through 2030. Export Explore data View Ranking Bookmark The reasons advanced by Kamble are certainly convincing, but it is difficult to accept that Blatter could make such a mistake. Cladodes in fascicles of (1)-3-6(-8), flat. From 2007 to 2018, the average annual rate of growth in terms of volume from India totaled +X%. R. R. Stewart Ann. Asparagus deltae Blatter in J. Ind. Pedicel not articulated at the base of the perianth. View overview page for Asparagus in Pakistan. In 2018, the amount of asparagus imported into Pakistan stood at X tonnes, increasing by X% against the previous year. The most prominent rate of growth was recorded in 2012 when the average import price increased by X% y-o-y. This report provides an in-depth analysis of the asparagus market in Pakistan. 716 (BLATT). Over the period under review, asparagus exports reached their peak figure at $X in 2007; however, from 2008 to 2018, exports failed to regain their momentum. How to boost your sales on overseas markets, 5. General insect (especially bees) nectar plant, Maritime plant – can tolerate salty conditions, Ornamental plant – the “fern” is highly regarded, Roasted seeds have been used as a coffee substitute.   MOST PROMISING OVERSEAS MARKETS, This Chapter is Available Only for the Professional Edition. Pedicel 3-4 mm long. Pedicel articulated above the middle. Leaves scalelike, scariose, spurred at the base, spurs sometimes extending into spines, subtending 1-many cladodes. Filaments adnate to perianth segments for about half their length, anthers 1-1.5 mm. The description is composed by our digital data assistant. In 2018, the country with the highest price was Denmark ($X per tonne), while the average price for exports to South Africa ($X per tonne) was amongst the lowest. Over the period under review, asparagus consumption continues to indicate a skyrocketing increase.   Or. Flowers unisexual. 1 Storage: Use right away. The pace of growth appeared the most rapid in 2016 with an increase of X% year-to-year. Berry red 6-8 mm in diameter. 9 Asparagus neglectus Once established (after year 3), the harvest can last for 3-8 weeks in the Spring. The asparagus exports from Pakistan 0 1000 US$ in 2013. asparagus: maar-choba: مارچوبا : asparagus: mosli safaid: موصلي سفيد: Definition. Pakistan exports of asparagus was at level of 0 1000 US$ in 2013, unchanged from the previous year. S. I. Ali & Sher Wali Khan 4 (1) Agri News. ستا ور ... 2020 Pansari, Pakistan's First Premium Herbal Store, All Right Reserved. 13 (12) In value terms, asparagus exports amounted to $X in 2018.